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Cooperative Learning and Group Work

The Power of More than One

Using Group Work Effectively (Carnegie Mellon provides advice on benefits, challenges, tactics, sample tools)

Richard M. Felder & Rebecca Brent of NC State discuss Effective Strategies for Cooperative Learning in a helpful Q&A format

Groups (information about types of groups and how to use them from the National Institute for Science Education)

Working in Groups (advice to both faculty and students from Harvard's teaching center)

FAQs About Teaching Collaborative Activities (from Penn State's teaching center)

The Soloist & the Orchestra: Setting Up Effective Group Work (benefits and strategies from the University of Iowa)

Barbara J. Millis, who teaches at the U.S. Air Force Academy, provides tips on Enhancing Learning – And More! – Through Cooperative Learning in this Idea Center paper

Using Group Work in Large Classes (helpful how-to information from the University of Maryland)

Junko Shimazoe & Howard Aldrich, Group Work Can Be Gratifying:  Understanding & Overcoming Resistance to Cooperative Learning, from the journal College Teaching, available on campus or through VPN)

Eric Mazur on Peer Instruction & Just in Time Teaching (PowerPoint presentation detailing his philosophy and methods)

University of Colorado Science Education Initiative, Effective Group Work in College Science Classrooms, Part 1 and Part 2 (video)

The next three resources are all videos from the Western Washington University project on Empowering Peer Learning, and they all also contains links to more extended written discussions and student learning outcomes for the profiled courses.

Empowering Teamwork

Using Group Projects to Teach Leadership

Collaborative Learning in Studio Art