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The last day to withdraw from the University is:

  • Summer 1: June 24
  • Summer 2: July 29
  • Summer 3: July 29

Students desiring to withdraw from the University must initiate a Student Petition for Withdrawal / Cancellation form, secure approval from their academic dean, obtain authorization from Student Account Services within the Division of Enrollment Services, and submit the form to the University Registrar. The effective date of the withdrawal is the date the Student Petition for Withdrawal is processed in the Office of the Registrar. No refunds are made without an official withdrawal. Discontinuance of class attendance or notification to the instructors of intention to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal. Students who reside in University housing must secure clearance from the Office of Residence Life and Student Housing.

Medical withdrawals allow a daily pro rata refund of tuition and fees. However, a medical withdrawal includes requirements that must be met prior to re-enrollment at SMU. The medical director, psychiatric director, counseling and testing director, or the vice president for student affairs must authorize medical withdrawal. Authorization may be obtained prior to or after withdrawal, but preferably no later that 21 days after withdrawal.

A student who officially cancels his or her enrollment or withdraws from the University is charged only a portion of tuition and fees based on the effective date of the cancellation / withdrawal.

Please refer to the tables below for the percentage of tuition refund.

Tuition and Fees Refund Rates For Withdrawal / Cancellation

All schools

On or prior to payment due date: 100%
1st through 2nd day of class: 50%
After the 2nd day of class: 0%

See financial information concerning payment due date at:

If you have questions or comments, please email the Registrar's Office at