Experience Adventurous Learning!

For the curious and open-minded, SMU-in-Taos is an SMU satellite campus that specializes in cultivating educational opportunities that are enhanced by the cultural and natural resources of Northern New Mexico. SMU-in-Taos is intimate and breathtaking.

August 2024 and January 2025 Applications are Open!

There are numerous opportunities to enroll in a short term or study in a different environment. However, SMU-in-Taos provides more than academic courses; it promotes community and collaboration through its community outreach, small student-teacher ratio, and communal lodging. SMU-in-Taos provides a unique campus for experiential learning and cultural immersion right here in the United States.

Your Adventure Awaits in Taos 

SMU-in-Taos student Aman Sergeant poses with a llama among the rocks in New Mexico

A once in a lifetime type of experience!

Arman Sergeant, Attended May 2019

Three reasons to experience SMU-in-Taos

Girl in SMU Shirt Rock Climbing Looking up at camera

Reach New Heights

SMU-in-Taos is energized and always ready to take action, whether that be hiking on the tallest mountain peak in New Mexico or tackling a new academic or professional challenge.

A mountain lake in Taos, New Mexico

Discover Paradise

Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and surrounded by stunning views of the Carson National Forest, SMU-in-Taos feels like a vacation for the body, mind and spirit.

Five Taos students in full ski gear pose in the snow at the SMU-in-Taos campus.

Learn By Doing

Small class sizes, engaging faculty and a “classroom without walls” philosophy encourage experiential learning, deep dives into subject matter and tight bonds with faculty and classmates.

Two women learn hands-on in a professional kitchen at the Taos Cultural Institute.

Explore our cultural institute

An unforgettable weekend in the Land of Enchantment awaits July 18-21, 2024

Join us July 18-21 in Taos, New Mexico, for a weekend filled with educational courses and engaging activities.

SMU-in-Taos student Carson Yeager prepares to ski down the snow-covered mountain in Taos, New Mexico.

A place that takes you out of your comfort zone in so many great ways!

Carson Yeager, Attended 2017-2020

Explore SMU-in-Taos

Since 1973 Fort Burgwin has been an SMU educational center. Its setting in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, surrounded by the Carson National Forest, provides a unique backdrop for the enrichment of body, mind and spirit. Find out why SMU-in-Taos is right for you.

Student Experience Students Taos

Student Experience

Small class sizes, engaging faculty and a “classroom without walls” philosophy encourage experiential learning, deep dives into subject matter and tight bonds with faculty and classmates.

Conferences and Retreats Conference

Conferences and Retreats

The SMU-in-Taos campus provides a unique backdrop for your group to meet and experience engaging activities. 

Faculty Resources Faculty resources

Faculty Resources

Over the past four decades, dozens of SMU faculty have taken advantage of our distinctive mountain campus.

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Want to study in Taos?

Earn up to four credit hours during SMU-in-Taos to help you get one step closer to graduation, quickly. Many of our courses fulfill major/minor requirements and Common Curriculum components. Plus, get tough courses out of the way, have an easier course load during the academic year, boost your GPA, and focus on one class at a time in a concentrated learning environment.

Explore Our Beautiful Campus Live

Designed to embrace its natural setting, the Miller Campus Center is the heart of SMU-in-Taos. Seminar rooms, a fitness center, media room and a large gathering space are included in the Center, which is surrounded on three sides by a covered wrap-around porch. An outdoor plaza connects the facility to the campus dining hall, auditorium, chapel, and classroom space.

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What our students say

Taos student Giancarlos Dominguez stands on a rock with a mountain lake behind him.

"There is so much to explore on campus and in the nearby towns. To be so close to nature, to be able to see the sea of stars at night, it is not an experience one could get in the city and certainly not an experience to miss out on!"

Giancarlos Dominguez attended Summer 2022

Taos student Natalia Albores stops for a picture in the New Mexico snow.

"It was definitely one of my most worthwhile college experiences. Not only did I have an amazing two weeks, but I also got some very important school credits! I knew one person when I signed up, but by the time the program ended, I had so many new friends!"

Natalia Albores, attended January 2019

Taos student Aria Shame sits atop a rock surrounded by tall trees in Taos, New Mexico.

"Go to Taos for easy credit, stay for an unforgettable experience. I went to Taos with some of my friends, and we got much closer afterward. Apart from classes, we explored the local town and nature and learned a lot about the culture in New Mexico."

Arian Shamaei, Attended Summer 2022

Taos student Laruen Cibrowski poses for a picture in the high desert of New Mexico.

"At first it can seem daunting to put yourself in a position where you may not know anyone else there, but most everyone is in the same boat and desires to make connections with you as well! Some people say they go to Taos to 'find themselves,' and I’d venture to say everyone learns something about themself by attending."

Lauren Cibrowski, Attended Summer 2023

SMU-in-Taos student Ella Collard takes a moment to pose on the desert sand in Taos, New Mexico.

"SMU in Taos is for everyone, in my opinion! Whether you’re taking a class for your major, for graduation, or for fun, I’ve noticed the professors make the class very enjoyable by tying the coursework into Taos."

Ella Collard, Attended May 2023

SMU-in-Taos student Jules Campbell sits on giant rocks at the edge of a canyon in front of a Taos, New Mexico sunset.

“Leaving Taos, I gained incredible friendships, experiences, guidance from faculty, and knowledge. SMU in Taos provided clarity on the aspects of life that really matter to me. Being in Dallas, I can sometimes get caught up in the busy life in the city. Being in Taos, I was able to really appreciate life, nature, relationships, and learning with a clear and undistracted mind.”

Jules Campbell, attended May 2023

Taos Hike