Make the most of your breaks with Intersessions

Complete additional coursework in short Intersessions during the winter and summer breaks.

Study with Intersessions

SMU Intersessions gives students the opportunity to take coursework year around between the Fall and Spring terms, with terms offered in January, May, and June-July. Intersessions courses are a supplement to Fall and Spring coursework, and are helpful to students with multiple majors or minors, or certain majors with heavy coursework. Additionally, Intersessions courses allow students to catch up in coursework if they have gotten behind (helping them graduate in four years), or enable students to graduate early.



Catch up with Intersessions!

Complete one course in JanTerm, one course in MayTerm, or take multiple courses in the June and July sessions. SMU Intersessions is here to help you on your path to graduation!

  • Online Courses

    Offered during January and Summer terms

  • 350+

    Courses are offered annually

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Financial Aid Facts:

  • SMU scholarships and financial aid are applied during Intersession terms
  • For Jan & May Term, financial aid is applied automatically
  • Students enrolled in Summer Term must request their financial aid to be applied
  • Students can apply for Intersessions Partial Tuition Scholarship for need based aid