Teaching with Games

Consider these ideas for teaching with high- and low-tech games.

Research on the educational use of video games (University of Copenhagen, Center for Computer Games Research)

Gamification in Higher Ed (University of Chicago)

Games in the Classroom (reporting on, and linking to, a series of articles in ProfHacker)

Using Games in the Classroom (courtesy of Texas Tech)

Reacting to the Past (from Barnard: elaborate games set in the past, in which students are assigned roles informed by classic texts in the history of ideas) (video example of Reacting to the Past class, Henry VIII game)

Jane McGonigal, who was a Tate Lecturer in the fall of 2012, even believes that video games can help teach students to solve serious real-world problems.  Check out her TED video for inspiration.

SMU's Guildhall, although not specializing in educational games, offers a Masters degree in Game Development.