Support for Department Chairs

CTE Services for Your Faculty

New Faculty Teaching Excellence Program – Encourage junior faculty to attend this new year-long series of workshops aimed at helping new teachers develop their craft.

Micro-Workshops -- give us 5-10 minutes at a faculty meeting and we'll teach faculty members some efficient and effective teaching tools.  Contact us to discuss what might be helpful for your department.

Peer Feedback Program – Help faculty at all levels improve their teaching through targeted feedback on their teaching effectiveness.  This service can support both for those struggling with teaching and those good teachers who would like to be even better.

Consulting Services -- Full-time faculty members may request individual or small-group consultations for assistance with things like developing syllabi, generating creative assignments, revising learning objectives, and developing rubrics.

Teaching Topics – All faculty members are welcome at these timely presentations on issues in teaching and learning.

Teaching Resources – Links to helpful articles and videos about all aspects of teaching.

SMU Policies Related to Teaching

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Web Resources for Department Chairs

Mentoring Faculty in Teaching

Mentoring Junior Faculty

Role of the Department Chair

10 Suggestions for a New Department Chair

Faculty Mentoring for Department Chairs:  A Review and Resource Guide

Exemplary Junior Faculty Mentoring Programs (a study done for Yale University)

Mutual Mentoring Guide

Mutual Mentoring (NEA)

Developing a Departmental Plan for Formative Assessment of Teaching

General Resources

How to Write Program Objectives (from UConn)

Examples of Major-by-Major Learning Outcomes (from BYU)

SMU Faculty Resources:  Office of the Provost