Frequently Asked Questions

Question markFaculty Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view my response rates? 
Instructors can receive real time updates on their course evaluation response rates through the user specific link you were emailed or through Canvas.

How can I improve my response rates?
We all want to have the highest possible response rates for course evaluations. Instructors play a pivotal role in helping improve response rates. Two great ways to improve response rates are to take time in class for students to complete evaluations (they can use their phones) and to tell students how important evaluation responses are for you to improve future offerings of the class.

When will results be available?
Results for online course evaluations will be available a few days after the grade submission deadline each term.

How will I know when results are available?
All instructors and administrators will receive an email notifying them that results are available to view.

Can I save a copy of my results?
Users can download the results in PDF or Excel formats.

Who will have access to my course evaluations?
Results will be available to instructors, department chairs, deans, the Center for Teaching Excellence, and staff designated by deans and chairs.

As an instructor, will I be able to identify individual students that responded to the survey or their feedback?
No, student identifying information is removed by the software and no record is kept.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Contact the Help Desk at


question markStudent Frequently Asked Questions

How are the results of online course evaluations used by faculty?
Faculty use the results to improve their teaching and planning for future course offerings.  In addition, student evaluations are a component of annual faculty reviews as well as tenure and promotion decisions.

What should I do if an evaluation for one of my courses is missing?
Most courses are evaluated, but not all.  If you think you should have an evaluation for a course that is missing, contact the Help Desk to investigate.

What device(s) can I use to complete my course evaluations?
You can use your phone, tablet, or computer.  When completing evaluations on your phone or tablet, we recommend using the user specific link that you received via email.

How do I know if I completed all of my evaluations?
Your EvaluationKit dashboard will show that you have no active surveys to complete.

Do faculty or school administrators receive names of students in the course evaluation results?
No. The system does not associate personal information with responses.

If I am logged in, how are my responses anonymous?
The system uses your login to identify your courses. The system does not associate responses with individuals.  Faculty and school administrators do not receive a list of students that completed, opt-ed out, or did not complete an evaluation.

If my responses are anonymous, how do I receive reminders that I have not yet completed my online course evaluations?
The software tracks if you completed your evaluations, but separates responses from individual names.

I completed my evaluations, but why I am still receiving reminders?
Emails are sent to students who have not completed their evaluations. Login to EvaluationKit to confirm you fully completed and submitted all of your evaluations.

What do I do if I submitted the wrong evaluation?
If the evaluations are still open, we can reset your evaluations.  Please contact the Help Desk.

Can I still submit an evaluation after the survey window has closed?
No, once the evaluation window closes we are unable to reopen it.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Contact the Help Desk at