CTE Passport

The CTE Passport is an initiative designed to encourage current and incoming faculty to connect to the SMU community by attending a variety of events (academic, networking, and cultural) as well as to acknowledge/recognize these efforts by displaying them in a digital passport.


Events: A list of all CTE events and activities will be linked to the digital passport itself, but accessible at https://booking.smu.edu/calendar/cte. Or, schedule a consultation with a CTE Staff. 


Visas: The passport will function like a regular passport and visas will be issued depending on the type of activity a faculty member engages on. If they attend an academic/professional development event, they will earn a STUDENT visa. If they chose to facilitate a workshop for other SMU faculty, they will earn a WORK visa. If they attend a pedagogical event offered outside the CTE, they will earn their TOURIST visa.


Propose a workshop: Faculty interested in facilitating a workshop, book discussion, or any other informative session can propose a workshop via the Workshop Proposal Form. The CTE will take care of the workshop location, registration, and marketing. 


Reporting: To report attendance to an event external to the CTE offerings, just fill out the CTE Passport Event Submission FormThe items requested in the form will be:

·      Full Name [Required]

·      SMU ID [Required]

·      Department [Required]

·      Event Date [Required]

·      Event Name [Required]

·      Event Type [Required] – a list of possible categories will be shared (athletics, cultural/arts, networking, professional development, etc.)

·      A paragraph about what was learned in the experience or what was taught in a workshop [Optional]


Accessing Your Passport: All digital passports will be housed in online and each faculty member participating in this initiative will have an unique URL for their digital passport (see example of a digital passport at https://s3.smu.edu/cte/passport/2022-23/Demo/passport.html). To find your 2022-2023 passport, replace Demo with your Name-LastName. Replace 2022-23 with 2023-24 to find your 2023-24 passport. Note: 2023-24 passports are currently being issued. If you don't see yours there, please check back at a later date or contact cte@smu.edu


CTE Passport Preview
CTE Passport Preview

Upon a faculty submission of an event attendance in the form, the CTE team will digitally add a virtual visa or stamp in one of the passport’s pages with the date of attendance as well as title of event (similar to a traditional passport). Each category of events (e.g. athletics, cultural/arts, networking, professional development, etc.) will have its own color stamp to differentiate them.


Planned outcomes for CTE Passport:

  • Using a gamified approach to faculty development, we hope that faculty are encouraged to attend several campus events at SMU.
  • At the end of the year, faculty will be able to share the link to their passports to department chairs to show how engaged they have been with the SMU community.
  • Ideally, we would love to recognize the new faculty with the highest number of events/activities attended at some of our events (e.g. TES, Faculty Meeting) or even have a prize for their efforts. We are working on the latter.