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Pay for Print System

PaperCut is the pay-to-print system utilized by OIT to manage publicly available printers. Faculty, staff, students and guests are able to print to various public printers from public workstations or personal devices.

Get Started

Submit a Job to the Public Printers

There are several ways to submit a job to the public printers:

  • Using the pre-configured printers on the public workstations in the libraries or labs (support printing files greater than 10MB)
  • Sending your print job to a specific email address (from SMU Email addresses only)(File must be less than 10MB)
  • Submitting your job via a web browser (File must be less than 10MB)

Once the job has been submitted, you are able to release that job from any of the public printers that support the desired output.  For example, a color print job could be released from any of the color printers in the public spaces across campus.  For students and guests, a charge is assessed for any copy/print job in the public spaces.

For detailed instructions on printing, please see How To Print With PaperCut.

Managing your PaperCut Account

  1. Login to your PaperCut account via
  2. You can review your current balance and usage from the dashboard
  3. To add funds to your account, click Add Funds. Follow the on screen instructions.