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DocuSign is a powerful yet easy-to-use document management platform allowing users to send and digitally sign documents, contracts, and agreements from practically anywhere, at any time.

Getting Started

Signing In

  1. Click the Sign In button above.
  2. At the welcome screen, enter your SMU email address (in the format) and select Continue.

    A screenshot of the DocuSign login screen.

  3. On the next screen, select Use Company Login.

    DocuSign Use Company Login

  4. The site will redirect you to the SMU Authentication page where you can enter your SMU ID and password.

    DocuSign Login with SMU ID

  5. You will need to authenticate with your Duo Two-Factor Authentication account.

    DocuSign Duo Authentication

  6. Once authenticated, you will be redirected to the DocuSign homepage.

    DocuSign Homepage

Enroll in DocuSign University

Get up and running quickly with training from DocuSign University. Want to expand your knowledge or become a DocuSign expert? They can help with that too. Find out more at DocuSign University.

DocuSign: How It Works

Documentation and Training

Once you have activated and logged into your account, feel free to consult DocuSign's official user guides for additional information.

Training and Tutorials