Student working in class on their laptop.

Computing Lifecycle

Computer Standards

The latest computer standards and details of the standard load can be found at the Technology Fund site.

In 2007, the SMU Board of Trustees voted to mandate that all SMU divisions require encryption on all Laptops maintained by the University. Any laptops will automatically be encrypted as part of the installation process.

Computer Orders

All SMU-managed computers must be ordered through the Office of Information Technology (OIT). A limited stock of the standard equipment is available through the purchasing website. Even if a department wishes to order a non-standard configuration, those orders must be placed through OIT. Once the computer is received, OIT will configure the machine with the standard software load.

To order a computer, displays, accessories or to view the current standards,visit the purchasing website.

All computers must meet the following specifications:

  • Windows computers must be Business Class models with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise installed.  No home editions of Windows will be supported.
  • Windows Laptop computers must contain a TPM Chip (Trusted Platform Module) which is used for encryption.
  • Windows computers will have a minimum of 8 GB memory.
  • All macOS devices currently available through Apple, meet SMU specifications.

Inventory and Software Management

Your University-owned computer uses Ivanti for inventory and software deployment. Each computer is installed with the Ivanti agent. For more information, please visit the Inventory and Software Management service page.

Personal Computer Purchasing

Through the various contracts maintained by OIT, students and employees are eligible to receive discounts on hardware, software and cellular service. 

Please click on the appropriate link below for the appropriate discounts.

Public Computer Labs

A number of computer labs are available throughout campus for SMU use. Each lab offers a variety of software and services. For more information, please visit the Computer Labs service page.

Computer Repair and Disposal

Computer Repair

OIT provides full repair service for all SMU owned HP, Dell, and Apple computers. To request a repair, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Computer Disposal

OIT recycles SMU owned computers and monitors. All hard drives are completely erased prior to packaging the equipment for disposal. The recycling program includes all computers, monitors, keyboards, printers etc. To dispose of SMU equipment, please contact the IT Help Desk.

For recycling of personal equipment, you may deliver the equipment directly to HOBI’s Dallas Facility located at 7610 Ambassador Row, Dallas, TX 75247. There is no charge as long as there are less than 10 units and you have an SMU ID.