OIT Leadership

Leadership Starts With Learning

Robert H. Dedman, Sr.

Dr. Michael H. Hites

Dr. Michael H. Hites

SMU Chief Information Officer

As CIO, Michael Hites is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the IT organization to ensure alignment and support of the various University strategic initiatives. The CIO is responsible for working closely with the Vice Presidents, Deans, and Leaders across campus to ensure that OIT is delivering the services and support required to enhance the academic and business efforts. 


George Finney

Chief Security Officer

The Information Security team, under the leadership of George Finney, is responsible for implementing and monitoring a diverse security infrastructure to protect the University network and data. The Security team is responsible for recommending security architectures, providing centralized database security, reviewing vendor security, capturing security logs, overseeing security investigations, and managing various security technologies. 

Curt Herridge

Curt Herridge

Associate CIO for Data and Application Services

Curt Herridge is the Associate Chief Information Officer for Data and Application Services at SMU. The team is responsible for administering and upkeep enterprise applications such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, referred to as my.SMU. The Web Application Services team operates and develops on the platform that drives smu.edu and blog.smu.edu by partnering with digital marketers, faculty, and staff across campus. The data teams are responsible for enterprise data warehousing, databases, integration, and visualization of the critical data assets. In addition, these teams partner across campus to ensure the best possible digital interactions with SMU.


Rachel Mulry

Associate CIO for Planning and Customer Service

Planning and Customer Service, under the leadership of Rachel Mulry, is responsible for providing client technology support to the SMU community. This includes the following services: IT Help Desk for reporting all technology related requests and issues; client hardware and software support for 7,000+ computing devices campus wide (including installation and repair, software installations, patching, and recycling); Audio/Video (AV) installation consulting and support for equipment in classrooms, meeting rooms and events; training for various software applications and services;  and communication efforts from IT to the SMU Community.

Rachel also oversees the Project Management Office. She is responsible for overseeing the development, adoption, and continuous improvement of project management disciplines, processes and standards to align with the university’s vision and strategy.  

David Nguyen

David Nguyen

Associate CIO of Infrastructure

Infrastructure, under the leadership of David Nguyen, is responsible for maintaining the Networking, Telecommunications and Systems Administration services.  Networking is responsible for campus wired and wireless network, firewall administration, maintaining inside/outside cable plant, telephone and voice mail operations. Telecommunications provides long distance, calling card, audio conferencing services and is responsible for the campus wide cable services contracts. Systems is responsible for the installation and management of server environments, the High Performance Computing infrastructure, email, identity management and file storage services. 

Jason Warner

Jason Warner

Associate CIO for Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology, under the leadership of Jason Warner, provides direct services to faculty in support of academic and instructional technology use and exploration at SMU.  This team partners with faculty to advance technology in scholarship by being innovative and creative in making technology accessible, understandable and appealing to academic audiences and by providing guidance and resourcefulness in identifying and integrating technology solutions that meet teaching and research needs.  The academic operations team is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the University’s learning management systems, for supporting statistical and mathematical software programs, and for assisting with development of digital and online media.  The embedded academic technology team locates technology service directors within SMU’s various academic areas based on discipline-specific experience and expertise which complement and advance the strategic academic technology interests of that academic area.