Support Technology, Assets, Buildings, Logistics, and Events

STABLE is a suite of tools, known as an Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS).  This solution facilitates processes such as space management, event management, key requests, work orders, and so much more.

The service will be available to faculty, staff, and students, plus anyone else with an SMU ID and password. Currently, the SMU community is able to submit work orders for Facilities using the new platform. Requests for other departments, including OIT, will be added to the solution by December 2023.

Submitting a Facilities Work Order Request

Submitting Room Reservation & Event Requests

Training and Documentation

Videos and step by step documentation are available for students, faculty and staff on the wiki.  When planning an on-campus event, see the Event Management website for policies, checklists and critical resources.

Project Information

For details about the project including updates on all phases and information on each module,visit our project page and blog