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A Unified Communications Service

SMU OIT is now in the process of updating our 26-year-old telephone systems with a modern and more powerful system. This new communications platform is based on Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP. The underlying technology is also based upon Skype for Business, the communications software we already use. In addition to deploying fresh, new, more reliable phones to your desks, you will also find new features that enable you to utilize your phone's features from your computer and mobile devices.

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Getting Started

AudioCodes 445HD IP PhoneWhen your building is in the queue to receive the new phones, you will be notified at your SMU email address. Your phone will be delivered along with training materials. 

Sign into Your Phone

When your new phone arrives, you must sign into your phone as soon as possible. This registers the phone to your SMU account and ensures a smooth transfer of service to the VoIP system.

Integration with Skype for Business

Even though you are using a physical desk phone, Skype for Business provides several useful features like creating a personalized voicemail greeting and setting up contact lists. You can also make and receive university calls from your computer or mobile device when away from your desk. See Skype for Business.

Start Making Calls!

You can make calls with your desk phone by using the keypad or selecting a contact from the directory. Dialing functionality will remain the same for campus users; however, you will no longer need to enter a long distance code to place calls.

Campus Phone Replacement: Introduction and FAQ

SMU is upgrading the phone system on campus! Learn more about this initiative in this brief informational video.


Using the Phone

An introduction of the AudioCodes 445HD IP Phone

An introduction of the AudioCodes 450HD IP Phone

Documentation and Training


OIT Phone Services Wiki - Includes detailed documentation for the 445HD, the phone for the majority of campus.

AudioCodes 450HD User Manual (Executive Model)

450HD Quick Start Guide

Polycom Trio 8800 (Conference Phone)


In-person training will be offered as we deploy phones to your building.  Prior to deployment you will receive notification of when training sessions will be held and when your phone is scheduled to be delivered.