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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a single hub to collaborate in real-time on documents, chat, meet online and integrate with educational apps.

With Microsoft Teams on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, you can:

  • Pull together a team.
  • Use chat instead of email.
  • Securely edit files at the same time.
  • See likes, @mentions, and replies with just a single tap.
  • Customize it by adding notes, web sites, and apps.

Get Started

    Click the Sign In button above.

    • If you are currently logged into another Microsoft system using Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you will be directed to Microsoft Teams web experience.

      Safari Users:

      If you are using Safari, you will see the Teams preview in the web browser and it will urge you to download the app for the best experience.
      If you want to use Teams in Safari while Safari browser support is in preview, go to  Preferences > Privacy and uncheck the Prevent cross-site tracking setting. Then, close your browser and navigate back to teams.microsoft.com in Safari.

    • If you are not logged in to a system using Microsoft Azure Active Directory:
      1. At the Microsoft Sign in page, enter you SMU email address. For example, cuser@smu.edu.
      2. Click Next.
      3. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory page. Enter your SMU email address for your Username and your SMU password.
      4. Click Login.
      5. Duo logon is required for Microsoft Azure Active Directory. When you get the push notification on your device, accept it.
      6. You can then choose to stay signed in. Click the "Don't show this again" checkbox if you would like Microsoft to remember you. Do not do this on publicly accessable computers. Choose Yes or No.
      7. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Teams web experience.

Obtaining the Microsoft Teams Client

While Microsoft Teams is accessible anywhere using a web browser, a desktop client is also available for download. Clients are available for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android!

Download Now

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft provides a ten-part training series that allows you to immediately dive into all Teams has to offer.