In addition to individual calendars provided through SMU Email, there are number of options available for managing and reserving shared resources and rooms.

Exchange Calendars

Individuals can use the calendar within their email account to schedule meetings with other SMU individuals. Free busy information is displayed by default but can be modified by the individual through Outlook. A departmental calendar can also be created in conjunction with a departmental email address.

Resource Calendars

Calendars can be created for rooms and equipment. This allows an individual to book a room or resource for a meeting or event. Rooms can be restricted, allowing only a specific group or department to reserve or manage. The rooms are configured to only allow one meeting at a time (no double booking) and will automatically accept the invitation without requiring any administrative interaction.

To request the creation of a resource calendar, visit the Online Support Center. is powered by LibCal, a cloud-based appointment scheduling application for faculty and staff. LibCal provides one-on-one consulting services, such as academic advising or counseling.

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This calendar application is designed to display events to the public via the web. This is not a scheduling application. is an ideal solution if there is a limited number of individuals permitted to create events and information is available to the public.

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SMU365 offers a robust calendaring feature that is ideal for teams or departments. The Sharepoint calendars can be viewed via the web browser or connected to Outlook.

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Similar to SMU365, Microsoft Teams offers robust channel calendars, chat, and collaboration features that are ideal for teams or departments.

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