Additional Canvas Syllabus Resources

Add or Remove Course Summary in the Syllabus

The Course Summary is enabled by default in the Canvas Syllabus.  It is automatically generated based on assignments and events within a course. Items within the Course Summary can only be changed by editing or deleting the assignments or events. All assignments (unpublished and published) are listed in the syllabus for instructors.

Sample Course Summary:



  1. In Course Navigation, click the Syllabus link.

  2. Click the Edit Button

  3. To disable the Course Summary, uncheck the Show Course Summary checkbox.

  4. Click the Update Syllabus button.

Print a Canvas Course Syllabus to PDF

The Canvas Syllabus does not automatically create a Word or PDF file, although it is still possible to create a printable PDF from Canvas.

Here are a few reasons an individual may want to do this: 

  • Storing the Syllabus - departments need to retain syllabi for a period of time
  • Students may want to access the syllabus when working offline
  • Students may want to annotate a printed copy of the syllabus


  1. Open Syllabus

  2. From the Syllabus page, Right-click on the Syllabus page.
  • Select Print.

    1. Change the Destination to Save as PDF.
    2. Click on Save/Print button.
  • When the additional window appears, select the folder where you want the file saved and name the file.
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     To find the PDF File, it will be located in the folder previously selected.

    Link Syllabus PDF or Word Document to the Canvas Syllabus Page

    The syllabus file can be attached as a PDF or Word document in the Canvas Syllabus area by uploading it into Course files and linking it in the Syllabus description. Canvas will automatically create a preview of your Syllabus document for students to view, download, or print.


    1. In Course Navigation, click the Syllabus link.

    2. Click the Edit Button

    3. In the Syllabus description area, select the Document icon.
    4. Select Upload Document.

    5. Click the Upload File area and select the file to upload from your computer.

    6. Select Open.

    7. Select Submit.
    8. Select Update Syllabus to save changes.