Using the Syllabus in the Canvas LMS

SMU integrated Simple Syllabus, a template-driven syllabus platform, into Canvas. Instructors can easily complete a syllabus for their course with just four required components: Office Hours, Student Learning Outcomes, Required Texts and Materials, and Grade Posting Policy. Simple Syllabus pre-populates course information and required syllabus statements, making it easier to keep information up-to-date. Additionally, Simple Syllabus can connect to the Canvas Course Schedule for assignment due dates, automatically populates the Simple Syllabus Library, and auto-imports into future terms. For additional information, visit the Simple Syllabus service page

The Canvas Syllabus is still available in courses. This feature also gives students access to course information and student expectations without looking through endless emails or printed paper, while also allowing instructors to easily update the course information and outline course assessments.