Gradebook Tutorials

What is Gradebook?

Gradebook is an electronic gradebook feature available within the my.SMU Faculty Center to all faculty who currently teach courses. Faculty can maintain their course gradebook online and students are also able to view their grades online through the my.SMU Student Center.

Key Features

  • Completely integrated with my.SMU
  • One step from Gradebook to Final Grade Roster and coming in Fall 2010 Early and Mid-Term Grade Roster
  • Students can view assignments, grades per assignment, and grading scale information within the my.SMU Student Center
  • Ability to Export to Excel and upload to Course Management System of choice
  • Easily accessible from the my.SMU Faculty Center
  • If same grading scale is used for more than one course in a term, faculty need only set up Gradebook for one course and can copy to another course
  • Set up time is minimal
  • Tutorials are available online
  • One-on-one trainings are available by contacting Mitzie Goff at in the Registrar’s Office