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Entering Your Grades

Grades of I (Incomplete) - Undergraduate courses ONLY

If you enter a grade of I for a student, then a pop-up box will appear (see example below) and you will be asked to provide specific information about the student's current grade and the remaining coursework to be done. Once this information is entered, you may successfully save the grade roster. Information can be changed on the e-Incomplete Agreement until the grade of I has been posted to the student's academic record. After the grade of I has been posted, you should contact Claudia Castillo ( or Adrienne Montgomery ( and provide any information that needs to be changed on the e-Incomplete Agreement.

Once the grade of I is posted, the student, instructor and academic dean will receive a system generated email that contains instructions stating how to view the e-Incomplete Agreement in my.SMU.

e-Incomplete Agreement (Example)

A student may receive a grade of Incomplete (I) when at least 50 percent of the course requirements have been completed with passing grades but for some justifiable reason acceptable to the instructor, he/she has been unable to complete the full requirements of the course. For an undergraduate course, a maximum of 12 months is allowed to clear the Incomplete grade.

 In accordance with University policy and at the time the grade of Incomplete is given, the instructor must stipulate in writing (via this Incomplete Agreement) to the University Registrar the requirements and complete date to be met, as well as the grade to be given if both are not fulfilled. If no alternate grade is noted below and the student fails to clear the Incomplete as agreed, the University Registrar will enter an F. (The student, instructor, and student's program dean will receive confirmation of the Incomplete Agreement via email once the Incomplete grade is posted.)

The grade of I in a course does not authorize a student to attend or enroll in the course during a later term.

Graduation candidates must clear all incompletes prior to the deadline in the official University Calendar, which may allow less than 12 months.

Grades of F

When you enter a grade of F a pop-up box will appear (see below) and you will be asked to enter a date related to the student's attendance and participation in the course. You will see two fields. Please enter the date in the correct field. If the student participated in the class and earned the grade of F, then enter the date of the final exam (or last day of class, if no final exam given).

If the student stopped participating or attending class, then enter the date of their last attendance.

You may provide additional comments in the comment box.

Approved Status

If you are ready to enter grades for all the students on your Grade Roster:

  • Enter all of your grades.
  • Click the green SAVE button.
  • Go to the "Approval Status" box, and change to "Approved."
  • Click SAVE again and exit the roster.

Not Reviewed Status (Partial Post)

If you are ready to enter some of your grades, but not all grades:

  • Enter the grades you want posted.
  • Click the "Partial Post" checkbox and then click SAVE.
  • Do not change the "Approval Status" box. It should remain at the "Not Reviewed" status. This leaves your grade boxes open and available for you to enter your remaining grades when you are ready.

NOTE: my.SMU 9.0 allows you to use the Partial Post option multiple times!

When returning to your Roster to enter the remainder of your grades:

  • Enter remaining grades.
  • Click the green SAVE button.
  • Click SAVE again and exit the roster. You are finished with this roster.

Things to Remember

When are my grades due?

Grades are due 72 hours after the final exam for each course section. (For example, if you teach three sections of DISC 1312, then you have three different due dates. Each course section has its own 72 hour deadline.).

How do I know if I have a graduating candidate in my class?

The * that appears on the left side of a student’s name on your grade roster denotes a graduating candidate.

If I see a “W” in the grade box of a student on my roster, do I still have to put in a grade?

No. A grade of “W” in the grade box means the student has dropped or withdrawn from your course and no further action needs to be taken by you to enter a grade.

When the grades are recorded on the student’s record, the status will change to POSTED. Once the status is POSTED, you will no longer be able to change any of the grades on the roster. You will need to send in a "Request for Change of Grade" form.

Grade Posting Schedule

Click here to view the grade posting schedule