Xbox One

There are two ways to retrieve the MAC address for network registration on your Xbox One depending on whether it is brand-new (just out of the box and never turned on) or if you have used it before.

If your Xbox One is Brand New

The Xbox One has a drastically different initial setup process from the 360. It adds a few extra steps to retrieving the MAC address of your device. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go through the setup process normally until you reach the network connection phase.
  2. When asked to connect to a wireless network, try connecting to SMU_Guest. This connection attempt will fail, but don't worry!
  3. Once the connection fails, you should be presented with an option to "Fix It."
  4. Once you select "Fix It," it will attempt to troubleshoot the issue automatically. This will fail. You will be presented with the MAC address at this time.
  5. Write the MAC address down and then visit our registration tool to register your Xbox One on the network.

If you have used your Xbox One on Another Network

If you have already set up your Xbox One before arriving on campus, the process is a little easier. The MAC address can be found like this:

  1. On the Home screen of your Xbox One, Select Settings.
  2. Under the Console section of the Settings page, select Network.
  3. Select Advanced Settings
  4. The MAC addresses for your Xbox One will be shown on the screen that appears. Write down the MAC and then go to our registration tool to complete the registration on our network.