Playstation 2

All devices that are compatible with wired networking, contain MAC addresses. The MAC address is used to identify the device on the network.

In order for any device to be connected to the wired network, it will need to be registered with OIT. An example of registration: Your PC or MAC is connected to the wired network, when Internet Explorer is opened, you are required to enter your ID and Password to register the device. Since gaming and TiVo devices do not have an internet browser to reach the registration page, these devices must be pre-registered to pass through the registration page.

Locate the MAC Address

  1. Load the Start-Up CD in your PS2.
  2. Make sure you have the network cable disconnected.
  3. Walk through the Start-Up CD until it starts testing your connection. *Since the network cable is disconnected, the test will fail.
  4. Press the select button which will display the MAC address.
  5. The 12-digit number is the wired MAC address of your PS2.

Create a New Connection

  1. Using the on-screen keyboard, enter a name for your new network configuration and press X. This name should represent where or how you will use this connection, for example: SMU.
  2. When asked whether you subscribe to an ISP, select Yes and press X.
  3. Highlight High Speed Connection (Cable or DSL) and press X.
  4. Select Automatic Settings (Cable or DSL) and press X.
  5. Select that your ISP does NOT require a User Name & Password.
  6. Select that you do not need to provide a DHCP Host Name.
  7. Now the network adapter will attempt to test the connection. **If you receive an error message, please reference the Error Message / Troubleshooting Section.