Apple TV

Apple TV must be connected to the Wired network if you wish to use AirPlay. Apple TVs currently do not connect to PerunaNet. After you have registered the device and obtained a valid internet connection, please do the following to use AirPlay:

  1. On your Apple TV- go to Settings > AirPlay
  2. Set the Security to "Onscreen Code".  When a device attempts to pair with your Apple TV, a code will appear on the screen.  You must enter this code on the other Apple Device in order to connect. This will prevent others from connecting to your device without approval.
  3. On the Apple Device that you wish to connect to your Apple TV, enable Bluetooth.
  4. When you attempt to AirPlay, you will be prompted to enter the onscreen code before the content will be displayed on your Apple TV.


Please visit for the most up-to-date device requirements and use instructions.