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Powered by ePayment

Electronic payments for SMU are provided and powered by ePayment. This solution provides electronic ordering, payment and refunds for SMU websites.

OIT provides configuration and support for the ePayment system and electronic payment processing at SMU is governed by SMU Policy 12.4.

Get Started

Setting Up ePayment

Contact the OIT Web Technologies Team and discuss your ePayment plans. Several prospective users found that ePayment is more difficult than expected. The OIT Web Team will help with setting up your ePayment system. A request can be made by contacting the IT Help Desk at 214-768-HELP (4357) or

How it Works

The ePayment system has two components: the merchant application and the ePayment portion.

You are fully responsible for the merchant application. The application must conform to detailed specifications.

The merchant application collects all transaction-related data except for the credit card number and expiration date. The merchant application must not collect any credit card information.

Depending on your need, the merchant application may consist of only one page, or it can consist of many pages.

The merchant application should be viewed as an ordered succession of pages. The last page in that succession will pass the final transaction info to the SMU ePayment System. For example, suppose the user goes to an intro page, then to a page where he selects his purchase, then ends up at a confirmation page. When the user clicks Submit on that confirmation page, all finalized transaction information will be passed to the SMU ePayment system.