Residence Hall Networking

Registering Devices for use in the Residence Halls

Register Your Device    

If you are connecting to the Wired network or to the SMU_Guest network, you must register the device annually before obtaining an internet connection. The device will be registered for 365 days.  Please only use SMU_Guest wireless for devices that can not connect to the secured wireless network (PerunaNet).

We have a short video tutorial on how to register your device.

Please Note:
 To maintain network security, any devices requiring the use of Universal Plug and Play, or UPnP, require additional configuration. While devices that require UPnP are rare, please let the IT Help Desk know if you need to register one of these devices so the proper configurations are applied to allow the device to function.

In order to register your device you will need to do the following:

  • Obtain the device's MAC address
  • Register the MAC address 
  • Unplug the device from the wall for 30 minutes to ensure that it is fully powered off. 

For detailed instructions for your particular device, Gaming Device Registration information page.

Network Connections

Wired Network Connections

High speed wired connections are available in all of the rooms and study rooms. Computers or devices must be configured to obtain an IP address automatically. Please maintain one connection per jack.

Wireless Network Connections (Wi-Fi)

PerunaNet PerunaNet is available in all of the residence halls, fraternity houses and a few sorority houses. This is the secured wireless network and should be used if your device supports the configuration.
SMU_Guest SMU_Guest is the unsecured wireless network. It can be used for devices that do not support the security configuration on PerunaNet.

For more information, please see the Wi-Fi service page.

Devices Connections

PrintersPrinters can not be joined to PerunaNet as that would allow everyone to print to your printer! Please use a printer cable.
Cell Phone SignalIf you do not have a strong cell phone signal in your room, please contact your cell phone provider for a cell phone extender. These have to be registered on the Wired network before they will work. SMU is in the process of building a Distributed Antenna System to address cell phone coverage issues throughout campus.
ChromecastChromecast devices will not work on the network even if they are registered.

For detailed instructions for your particular device, Gaming Device Registration information page.