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  • Information for orientation
  • Parents information for accepted students
  • SMU Parents Blog
  • FERPA: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) states that no personally identifiable information from a student's education record will be disclosed to any third party without written consent from the student. Students can grant records access to their parents by following instructions found here.
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities: Prior to enrolling in classes, students review and agree, through my.SMU, to this statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Make a Payment as a Student: Students access the SMUpay payment portal through their my.SMU login. This is also where students can set up authorized payers to enable them to make payments toward the student’s balance. Instructions to add an authorized payer can be found here.
  • Make a Payment as an Authorized Payer: Parents and other persons who are authorized by the student to make payments on his or her behalf can do so through the SMUpay payment portal. To become an authorized payer, a student must add the authorized payer by following instructions found here.
  • Payment Due Dates: Here you will find the payment due dates of the various terms throughout the academic year (dates are subject to change).
    Important: If enrollment is after the payment due date or if there are changes in enrollment that result in additional charges after the due date, payment is due upon enrollment or changes in enrollment.
  • Mandatory Health Insurance: Please be sure to either enroll or waive coverage every semester by the deadline (fall semester: September 7; spring semester: February 7). To have it waived, you must show proof of current health insurance every semester.
    Important: Students who do not enroll or waive this insurance by the deadline will be charged the premium ($1,739 per semester for the 2021-2022 academic year) later in the semester.
  • Payment Options: Payments can be made by eCheck, credit card, and domestic and international wires.
  • Payment Plans: Find out how to pay your Student Account charges in monthly installments.
  • 529 Plan Information: Payment remittance instructions for your financial institution.
  • SMU Prepayment Plan: Allows matriculated undergraduate full-time (12-18 credit hours) student to prepay a minimum of two years and up to four years of tuition and general student fees at the current year rate. It covers fall and spring terms only.
  • Cost of Attendance: This link contains a breakdown of all tuition, fees, housing, dining, mandatory health insurance, parking permit and additional charges.
  • Meal Plans: You will be able to view your meal plan options by logging into your account. You have until the add/drop date of the university to make all meal plan changes.
    Note: Students must have completed the Housing process as well as enrolled in classes in order to purchase a meal plan online.
  • Parking Permit: Students who have completed class registration will be able to order a parking permit or “opt-out” of a parking permit through the SMU Parking Portal.
    Important: You must login to SMUPay to pay your parking permit.
  • Refund Information: Sign up for direct deposit to receive your refund quickly and safely!
  • Withdrawal/Cancellation Information: This link contains important information you need to know about withdrawals and cancellations.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: This link contains the most asked questions we get from students and families.
  • Financial Aid: This link contains valuable information if you have questions about scholarships, grants and loans.


Important Notice Regarding Potential Impact of the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic continues to create risks and uncertainties associated with on-campus educational programs of colleges and universities.  The potential continuing impacts of the pandemic are not fully foreseeable, and may impact the feasibility and/or structure of on-campus learning.  The tuition rates, course fees and general student fees charged by Southern Methodist University are not dependent on the format of the educational programs for which they are payable.  Accordingly, if the University is required to alter the structure of its on-campus educational programs or transition students to remote learning models (in whole or in part) due to restrictions imposed by federal, state or local governmental authorities or applicable law, or if the University determines such action to be warranted in light of continuing or potential impacts of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, no reduction or refund of tuition, course fees and general student fees will be made based on the resulting changes to the programs in which students are enrolled.