Undergraduate Studies

The English Major


Students who major in English at SMU explore the richness of literary expression, as well as the relationships between literature and its cultural and historical contexts. English majors have the opportunity to work with renowned scholars in a wide variety of fields. With a range of courses in literary history, literary theory, and creative writing, the English Department offers something for everyone.

The major requires a minimum of 33 semester hours of English courses, including no more than 12 hours at the 2000-level and below (with no more than 3 of these hours at the 1000-level) and at least 12 hours of 4000-level literature courses. Specific requirements are listed below. You may not repeat a course that is the equivalent in content of one you have already taken even if the numbers differ.
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The Creative Writing Specialization

The English Department offers a Creative Writing Specialization within the English Major. All students pursuing this version of the major should speak with the director, Professor David Haynes.

Students pursuing a Creative Writing Specialization within the English Department must fulfill all departmental requirements for the major ...more

The English Minor


Students who nave formally elected the English minor after the beginning of the Fall 2006 semester must pursue the following requirements.  Students who elected the minor before the beginning of the Fall 2006 also have the option of pursuing this set of requirements.   Students electing this version of the minor must fulfill all of the following requirements ...more

Program for Departmental Distinction in English

To be eligible to enter the program for Departmental Distinction, a student must ordinarily show an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 by the middle of the junior year, and a 3.5 average or better in courses fulfilling requirements for the English major ...more

Preparation for Graduate Study in English Literature

Students planning to go on to graduate study—a plan that should be discussed with one’s advisor, the DUS, and/or the department chair—should be aware that admission to graduate programs requires a more extensive background in literature than the minimum English Department requirement.  They should also know that a reading knowledge of a foreign language is usually a requirement for a graduate degree, and that doctoral degree programs may require a reading knowledge of at least two foreign languages. Students should anticipate these requirements by electing courses in foreign languages and literatures, and by electing more than the minimum number of hours in English. ...more

The Teacher Preparation Program in English

In conjunction with the Teacher Training Center, the English Department supports two pathways leading to teacher certification. Students should understand the differences between them ...more

Useful Information for English Majors and Minors