Travel Forms (submit travel forms to Mary Felipe)

Travel Instructions

Travel and Expense Form

Research and Graduate Studies Forms (submit all forms to Matthew Biggin)

When your Examination Committee is finalized, file the ORGS Establishment of Examination Committee form and our program's Committee Declaration Form.

After the successful completion of written exams and the defense of the prospectus, the following forms must be filled out, signed, and submitted to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies and a copy to the DGS:

Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Report Form

Recommendation for Admission to Ph.D. Candidacy

Please review the Dissertation and Thesis Formatting Guide. Required forms for admission to Ph.D. candidacy and graduation are listed here. Please also review the Graduation Deadlines and Checklist.


 Dissertation Defense Scheduler Form

Once you have successfully defended your dissertation, the following forms should be filled out and submitted to ORGS and a copy to the DGS:

Ph.D. Examination Report Form

Thesis Release Form

Additional Forms

Directed Studies

Leave Form

Maternity Leave

Motor Vehicle Form

Outside Enrollment Request Form

Parental Leave Form

Work Policy Petition