Brentney Hamilton

Brentney Hamilton





Brentney Hamilton received her B.A. in English with a specialization in Creative Writing from SMU in 2007. During her tenure as a Mustang, she won the Margaret Terry Crooks Award and the Lon Tinkle Scholarship while studying under the mentorship of Professor Emeritus C.W. Smith. Another academic passion, developed under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Chancey, inspired her to pursue graduate work at Harvard Divinity School where she studied Religion, Ethics, and Politics and earned her Masters of Theological Studies in 2009. Before teaching writing at SMU, she worked on the other side of the editor’s desk as an arts reporter for The Dallas Morning News.


Areas of Interest:

Modernist American literature
Writing as a craft (creative and rhetoric)
Separation of Church and State issues


Honors and publications:

HOPE Professor of the Year nominee, 2019
Barbara Jordan Media Award for Outstanding Presentation of Individuals with Disabilities, 2018
Dallas Museum of Art’s Arts and Letters Live “Hot Newcomer,” 2005
Sigma Tau Delta International English Honors Society

Courses Taught:

DISC 1312
DISC 1313