Mustang Scholars Program

The Mustang Scholars Program (MS) places an SMU education within your reach by combining with other awards to guarantee that SMU tuition and fees are met. Once admitted, students will experience an intimate, comprehensive cohort experience throughout their four years on the Hilltop.

Exclusive Access to a Multitude of Opportunities

The Mustang Scholars Program focuses on Cultivating Texas Talent through empowerment activities, community building, civic engagement, and developing a culturally conscious scholar. Throughout their four-year intimate cohort-based experience, Scholars celebrate unique identities and Texas communities while addressing various community needs. Scholars receive personalized mentoring, participate in community engagement, and complete a cohort capstone project. This program will empower scholars to leave a legacy and execute a plan of action before concluding their undergraduate careers. To achieve these accomplishments, SMU provides Scholars with their basic financial needs, such as room and board, tuition, and funds for extracurricular activities they will engage in during their time on the Hilltop. As an institution, SMU must raise the bar to ensure all Mustang Scholars are engaging and benefiting from the unique opportunities provided around campus and their community to build and "Cultivate Texas Talent."

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