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A partial list of SMU faculty experts and their areas of expertise. ( video icon indicates video of expert being interviewed is available.)

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Caroline Brettell
Anthropology Professor
Technology's effect on immigration, trends of new immigration gateway cities such as Dallas, Atlanta and Minneapolis, and the challenges of women immigrants. Research includes anthropology of Europe; migration and ethnicity; folk religion; and cross-cultural perspectives on gender.

Sunday Eiselt
Anthropology Professor
Archaeological ceramics and pottery manufacturing, community-based archaeology, the historical archaeology of Native and Hispanic people of the Southwest, and the effects of colonialism on indigenous cultural identities and traditions in the Spanish borderlands.

David Meltzer
Anthropology Professor
The origins, antiquity, and adaptations of the first Americans who colonized the North American continent at the end of the Ice Age, including how these hunter-gatherers met the challenges of significant climate change.

Nia Parson
Anthropology Professor
Interpersonal and collective forms of violence, and mental and physical health and how they relate to gender.

Arts and the City

Zannie Voss
Chair, Arts Management Professor
Arts management, including cultural event attendance, and arts entrepreneurship.

Mark Roglan video icon
Director, Meadows Museum
Spanish art, community art engagement.

Campus Life

Deanie Kepler 
Director of Parent & Family Programs
Student-parent relationships, adjusting to campus life, roommates, preparing for final exams, how university life changes students

Cyber Security and the Internet

Fred Chang
Computer Science and Engineering Professor
Cyber security, information assurance – defending and protecting critical systems.

Suku Nair
Computer Science and Engineering Professor
Cyber security and fault-tolerant computing.


Heather DeShon
Earth Sciences Professor
Leader of the team researching the cause of recent earthquakes in the North Texas area; earthquake generation, volcano seismology and plate tectonics. 

Brian Stump video icon
Earth Sciences Professor
Seismic wave propagation, earthquake source theory and explosions as a source of seismic waves, and science and politics in the nuclear age.

The Economy

Michael Cox video icon
Director, O’Neil Center for Global Markets & Freedom
Impact of competitive market forces on freedom and prosperity in the global economy.

Michael Davis video icon
Senior Lecturer
Business trends and crises.

Tom Fomby
Chair and Economics Professor
Economic forecasting and data mining.

Dan Howard video icon
Marketing Professor
Consumer behavior, advertising, marketing, marketing research and retail marketing.

Daniel Millimet
Economics Professor
Environmental economics.

Maria Minniti
Business Professor
Entrepreneurship and economic development among women and minority groups.

Albert Niemi
Dean, Cox School of Business, and Business Professor
Economic growth, economic forecasting and American business history.

Schlomo Weber
Economics Professor
Mathematical models to predict a nation’s stability, based on demographic and economic criteria.

Bernard Weinstein video icon
Business Professor
National and local economy, economic development, public policy and taxation, and economic impact.


Jill Allor
Education Professor
Reading acquisition for students with and without disabilities, including students with learning disabilities or intellectual disabilities.

Mark Chancey
Religious Studies Professor
Recognized authority on the constitutional, political and academic issues raised by Bible courses in public schools.

David Chard video icon
Dean, Simmons School of Education and Human Development
Education issues and practices, ranging from textbooks to teacher training.

Sarah Feuerbacher
Education Professor
Holistic approaches to working with individuals on their intrapersonal and environmental systems, as well as family abuse and healthy relationships. She is director of the Family Counseling Center.

Peter Gifford
Physiology Professor
Exercise physiology, wellness, human performance, sports management, and coaching.

Leanne Ketterlin Geller
Education Professor
Mathematics education, including procedures and decision-making targeting student needs.

Patricia Mathes video icon
Education Professor
Literacy growth for children from pre-kindergarten to grade 12; the role of technology in teaching early reading; and coaching teachers to use technology.

Lynn Romejko Jacobs
Physiology Professor
Physical fitness, exercise physiology, wellness and human performance.

Peter Weyand video icon
Physiology Professor
Human performance limits, such as how fast humans can run.


David Blackwell
Earth Sciences Professor
Geothermal energy, geothermal exploration, energy resource estimates, geothermal mapping, and plate tectonics.

Bruce Bullock video icon
Director, Maguire Energy Institute
Management, marketing and policy issues related to the energy industry, including oil, gas, wind and geothermal.

John Lowe
Law Professor
Oil and gas production regulations, as well as energy policy, U.S. oil policy in the Middle East and international arbitration.

Maria Richards
Coordinator, Geothermal Lab
Geothermal energy, geothermal exploration, energy resource estimates, geothermal mapping and plate tectonics.

Engineering and Humanity

Marc Christensen
Dean of Lyle School of Engineering,
and Engineering Professor
Prosthetics and optics research.

Delores Etter
Engineering Professor
Math and science in education, and bringing more women into engineering professions.

Mark Fontenot
Engineering Professor
Engineering education, innovation and creativity education, computer science education, and database systems and data management.

Andrew Quicksall
Engineering Professor
Drinking water safety in refugee camps.


Rita Kirk video icon
Director, Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility and Communications Professor
Ethics analysis and social media as a campaign tool.

Tom Mayo video icon
Law Professor
Medical ethics, health care law, bioethics, medical-legal humanities, constitutional law, family law, administrative law and legislation.


Ron Wetherington
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, Anthropology Professor
Evolution expert and advocate for bias-free science standards in education.

Pia Vogel
Biology Professor
Evolutionary science and scientific inquiry.

Geothermal Energy

Maria Richards
Geothermal Lab Coordinator
Geothermal energy -- the use of the earth's natural heat to general electrical power.

Health Care Issues

Eric Bing
Professor of Global Health
Worldwide health issues and initiatives, obstacles to adequate health care, health care in Third World countries.

Nathan Cortez
Law Professor
Health law, administrative law, and FDA law, as well as emerging markets in health care and biotechnology.

Tom Mayo video icon
Law Professor
Medical ethics, health care law, bioethics, medical-legal humanities, constitutional law, family law, administrative law and legislation.

Human Rights

Rick Halperin
Director, Embrey Human Rights Program
Human rights, genocide, and historical and current abuse of human rights in various countries. He is past chair of the Board of Directors of Amnesty International USA.


Caroline Brettell
Anthropology Professor
Technology's effect on immigration, trends of new immigration gateway cities such as Dallas, Atlanta and Minneapolis, and the challenges of women immigrants.

James Hollifield
Director, John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies
Global migration, immigration assimilation in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Pia Orrenius video icon
Fellow, John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies
The causes and consequences of Mexico–U.S. migration, illegal immigration, and U.S. immigration policy.

Legal Matters

Lackland Bloom
Law Professor
Freedom of speech, the rhetoric of Supreme Court opinions, copyright, and constitutional law.

Jennifer Collins
Law School Dean
Issues involving families and the criminal justice system, including the prosecution of parents who are responsible for their children's deaths.

Nathan Cortez
Law Professor
Health law, administrative law, food and drug law, and the legislative process, as well as emerging international markets in health care and biotechnology and cross-border health care.

William Dorsaneo
Law Professor
A litigation specialist, he is the author of the twenty-six volume Texas Litigation Guide and the five-volume Texas Civil Trial Guide, as well as Cases and Materials on Civil Procedure, Texas Pre-Trial Litigation, and Texas Trial & Appellate Litigation.

Linda Eads video icon
Law Professor
Professional responsibility, evidence, trial advocacy, constitutional law, criminal tax fraud, and women and the law.

Julie Forrester
Professor of Law
Property, real estate transactions, and land use, as well as real estate finance, predatory lending, and bankruptcy law.

Jeffrey Kahn
Law Professor
American constitutional law, Russian law, human rights, and counterterrorism, right to travel and national security.

Tom Mayo video icon
Law Professor
Medical ethics, health care law, bioethics, medical-legal humanities, constitutional law, family law, administrative law and legislation.

Meghan Ryan
Law Professor
Criminal law and procedure, torts, and law and science, including the impact of evolving science and technology on criminal convictions and punishment.

Jessica Dixon Weaver
Law Professor
Family law, professional responsibility, and children and the law, including current laws and policy practices in the child protection and juvenile justice systems and their impact on children and families.


Bonnie Jacobs
Paleobotany Professor
Fossil plants and climate change.

Louis Jacobs video icon
Paleontology Professor   
Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.


Jodi Cooley
Assistant Physics Professor
The nature of dark matter, neutrino physics.

Fred Olness
Physics Professor
Elementary particle physics, origin of the universe, quantum mechanics, "Physics Circus" and CERN-related experiments.

Steve Sekula
Physics Professor
Experimental high energy physics and high-performance computing.

Ryszard Stroynowski
Physics Professor
Experimental high energy particle physics and the structure of matter. Since 1996 he has worked on the ATLAS project at Large Hadron Collider and participated recently in the discovery of the Higgs particle.

Politics and Political Discourse

Cal Jillson video icon
Political Science Professor     
Texas and national politics, political behavior, elections and political strategy.

Rita Kirk video icon
Director, Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility and Communications Professor
Ethics analysis and social media as a campaign tool.

Joe Kobylka
Political Science Professor
Supreme Court, Constitutional law, judicial politics and American political thought.

Dennis Simon
Political Science Professor
The American Presidency, presidential-congressional relations, public opinion, electoral behavior and research methodology.

Lynn Stokes
Statistical Science Professor
Surveys, polls and sampling, as well as in non-sampling survey errors, such as errors by interviewers and respondents.

Ben Voth
Chair and Communications Professor
Debate and persuasion, including the rhetoric of politics and humor.

Matthew Wilson video icon
Political Science Professor
The politics and voting behavior of religious voters, as well as public opinion, elections, religion and politics, and political psychology.


Alan Brown
Psychology Professor
How humans store and retrieve information about the real world and the manner in which these processes fail, including the tip-of-the-tongue experience and déjà vu.

George Holden video icon
Psychology Professor
Parent-child relationships; the nature and consequences of parents spanking and yelling at children; causes and consequences of family violence; child-rearing and parenting; and child maltreatment.

Ernest Jouriles video icon
Psychology Professor
Children's responses to marital conflict and why certain types of marital conflict are more detrimental to children than others.

Renee McDonald video icon
Psychology Professor
Child adjustment problems, such as aggression and antisocial behavior, associated with exposure to family conflict and violence.

Religion and Theology

Billy Abraham
Theology Professor
Divine revelation, Christian theology and the logic of renewal and evangelism.

Mark Chancey
Religious Studies Professor
The Gospels, the historical Jesus, early Judaism, archaeology and the Bible.

William Lawrence video icon
Dean and Theology Professor
Historical theology, American church history and homiletics, as well as pop culture and social issues.


James Quick video icon
Earth Sciences Professor and Associate Vice President for Research
Volcanoes, early warning of eruptions, dangers of active volcanoes, volcanic ash.

Women and Disparity

Anne Lincoln
Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Markets and Culture
Disparity between women and men in education, in the labor market, in the culture industry and in science careers.

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