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Should textbooks be fair and impartial?

SMU faculty join debate about content of textbooks considered for Texas schools. Citing historical and cultural inaccuracies, they say corrections are needed before the textbooks get adopted this November. Read more.

Featured News & Experts


ISIS Strategy
SMU diplomatic, political, legal analysts parse President Obama's possible responses to Islamic state militants.


Immigration Experts
SMU faculty offer expert commentary on the humanitarian, legal and moral issues in play as the immigration debate continues.

Nathan Cortez

Health Issues
Law Prof. Nathan Cortez is one of the world’s leading legal authorities on medical tourism, patient mobility, and cross-border health insurance.

Maria Richards

Natural Energy
Maria Richards is an authority on geothermal energy -- the use of the earth's natural heat to general electrical power.

Tyler Moore

From Bitcoins to the Bogus
Prof. Tyler Moore's is an expert on digital currencies, electronic crime, Internet economic security and digital forensics. .

George Holden

Anti-Spanking Movement
Prof. George Holden is not glad that Adrian Peterson whipped his boy. But he’s glad that so many people are talking about it.


Earthquake Detectives
An SMU team led by Prof. Heather DeShon is trying to uncover the truth about North Texas earthquakes.

David Chard

How to Teach
Simmons Dean David Chard asks Congress and the country to embrace evidence-based education methods.

Peter Weyand

How Fast ?
Prof. Peter Weyand, a physiologist and biomechanist, is investigating how humans run and how fast can they go.

Delores Etter

Technology Gap
Engineering Prof. Delores Etter's expertise ranges from the U.S. technology gap to the importance of math and science in education

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