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Immigration Experts and the Search for a Solution

immigration issue

With President Obama having visited Texas -- but not the Texas-Mexico border -- print, television and radio news media looking for experts turned to SMU faculty members for comments and analysis on the humanitarian, legal and moral issues in play. Read more.

Featured News & Experts

Earthquake Detectives
Prof. Heather DeShon is leading a team trying to uncover the truth about recent North Texas earthquakes.

Eric Bing

Health Issues
Eric G. Bing is an award-winning global health researcher who has developed and managed programs in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean,.

Michael Davis

Economic Expert
An expert in economic theory, Michael Davis specializes in the intersection of government and business, from publicly funded sports facilities to why politicians lie.

Ben Voth

Were You Convinced?
An expert in persuasion, Ben Voth is director of Debate and an advisor to the Bush Institute. He researches rhetoric and argumentation.

Leanne Ketterlin-Geller

You Should Take Algebra II
Math researcher Leanne Ketterlin-Geller offers five good reasons high school students should take Algebra II — regardless.

SMU Reading Study

Never Give Up
SMU researchers find that, with persistence, low IQ students can learn to read at 1st-grade level.

Jewel Lipps

Surveying a Forest
Environmental Science major Jewel Lipps is surveying the composition of the Great Trinity Forest.

Fred Chang

Internet Security
Fred Chang is a respected expert in cyber security, especially defending and protecting critical systems.

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