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Will Iran go nuclear?

Nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers have yet to reach an agreement and the consequences could be serious. (Photo courtesy of PressTV.) SMU experts in international politics and presidential history talk about the situation and consequences for the future. Read more.

Featured News & Experts

summer camps

SMU Summer Camps
Opportunities to participate in athletic programs, learn with LEGO® and explore everything from art to engineering to science.

Meadows Museum at 50 Logo

Meadows Museum at 50
SMU’s Meadows Museum is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2015 with special exhibitions and programs.

Ellis Island

Immigration Issues
Controversy surrounding immigration is almost as old as the country itself. SMU experts can provide fresh insights into the current debate.

Sarah Feuerbacher

Naming Your Baby
If for some strange reason your child does not like the perfect name you’ve bestowed upon him, don’t require him to use it anyway, recommends Sarah Feuerbacher, director of SMU's Center for Family Counseling.