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Keeping up with the conventions

Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump
Call on SMU's political experts for analysis of the speeches and theatrics at the political conventions . . . Read more. 
And follow what the experts are saying, click here.

Featured News & Experts

SMU Athletics Logo

Future SMU Facilities
SMU Athletics reveals future facilities projects, including a new Indoor Performance Center and a new soccer stadium.

guy with books

Keep on Learning
SMU Continuing and Professional Education is offering fall and spring professional certificate programs.

Maria Dixon Hall

Cultural Intelligence
Provost names Maria Dixon Hall to lead a new faculty campus-wide initiative on cultural intelligence.


Join the Big 12?
President Turner and SMU's AD say the Mustangs are interested in joining the Big 12 Athletic Conference.

SMU Meadows School of the Arts

Art Performance Tool
A new tool from SMU Meadows and Cox allows arts groups to compare performance against peers.

Jackie Galloway

Olympic Competitor
Engineering major Jackie Galloway will compete for a gold medal in taekwondo at the Summer Olympics in Rio in August.


Immigration Experts
Republican and Democratic contenders for president are sparing over what is the best — and most humane — solution.

Jeffrey Kahn

‘No Buy’ List
Law Prof. Jeffrey Kahn says a "‘No Buy’ list to block certain people from purchasing guns is a bad idea.


Security Collaboration
SMU expertise in cybersecurity is an example of how scholars share their knowledge to solve global problems.

Stephanie Martin and Evan McCormick

Spanish-Speaking Experts
SMU election experts Stephanie Martin and Evan McCormick are fluent in Spanish and available for interviews.


Who Offers Best Future?

“Whenever in recent American history one party has offered a vision of a better past – and another of a better future, the forward-looking candidate always wins.,” SMU political expert Jeffrey Engel says. Read more . . .

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