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The Theatrics of the Conventions

Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump
Call on SMU's political experts for analysis of the barrage of words and at the conventions . . . Read more. 
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Featured News & Experts

Wink Sinkhole

Sinkholes Lurking
SMU researchers: Giant sinkholes near West Texas oil patch towns are growing — as new ones lurk.

forest fire

Adapting to Fire
In some parts of the world, “fire adaptive communities” live compatibly with wildfire, SMU researchers find.

Jeffrey Kahn

‘No Buy’ List
Law Prof. Jeffrey Kahn says a "‘No Buy’ list to block certain people from purchasing guns is a bad idea.


Security Collaboration
SMU expertise in cybersecurity is an example of how scholars share their knowledge to solve global problems.

Stephanie Martin and Evan McCormick

Spanish-Speaking Experts
SMU election experts Stephanie Martin and Evan McCormick are fluent in Spanish and available for interviews.


Is 'Feel the Bern' Gone?

“The DNC appeared to overcome its initial rocky start that was challenged so vocally and vigorously by Sanders supporters. The affirmation of Hillary’s nomination seemed to bring a chapter of rebellion to a close for the convention,” SMU political expert Ben Voth says. Read more . . .

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