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New research examines diversity and the arts

NCAR Report
The goal of the new research by SMU's National Center for Arts Research is to provide a more nuanced understanding of culturally specific organizations and to help establish a more equitable measure of their performance . . . Read more.

Featured News & Experts

Michael S Harris

Understanding Higher Ed
To better understand the world of higher education, take a look at the top 10 books recommended by Prof. Michael Harris.

Joshua Rovner

Picking the Wrong Side?
Political Scientist Josh Rovner says supporting Saudi Arabia against Iran could be wrong move for U.S..

Continuing Education

Continuing Education
Among your New Year's resolutions could be a class to broaden your mind or your professional prospects.

Vote for Me

Debates and Polls
To take stock of who is doing what in the debates and the up-coming primaries, rely on SMU experts.

Robert Jordan

Conflict Benefits ISIS
SMU expert Robert Jordan says the escalating conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia benefits ISIS and nobody else.


A Fresh Start
Now is no better time to honestly assess how the first semester went and prepare for spring.


Saturday's GOP Debate

SMU experts can talk about Saturday night’s GOP debate ahead of Tuesday’s crucial New Hampshire Primary.
Read more . . .

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