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Hurricane recovery experts

Hurricane banner for News

SMU faculty are available to lend their expertise to journalists reporting on all aspects of the Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma recovery efforts.

Hilltop Highlights

Class of 2021

The School Year Starts
Videos of welcoming remarks, preparations and events that signal the start of the school year at SMU.  

World Changers

Behind the Scenes at SMU
Videos offer a look at what goes on behind some SMU events.

Jeanie Greenidge

Alumni News
A teacher changed the life of SMU alumna Jean Greenidge and now she tries to do the same for her Garland students.  

SMU Adventures

SMU Adventures
Blogs by students and faculty about interesting people and places the world over.

Fatima Hirsi

Mustang Minute Videos
SMU students were treated to their own personalized poem courtesy of the Typewriter Poet.

Dallas Skyline

Opinions by SMU Professors
Opinions written by SMU professors that have appeared recently in various publications.

Research News

Alex Lippert

Objects Crafted From Light
Photoswitch chemistry allows construction of light shapes into structures that have volume and are viewable from 360 degrees.

running research

What Makes You Faster?
A new method for assessing patterns of ground-force application suggests the right and left legs of the world’s fastest man may perform differently.

More Research News

SMU Experts

Political Parties Logos

Political Experts
From the halls of Congress to the White House to the grassroots, SMU faculty can shine their expertise on a wide array of political topics.

immigrants on a raft

Solving Immigration Crisis
Immigration continues to be an issue with no end in sight after decades of wrangling by both major political parties.

Jill Allor

Learning to Read
Research by Prof. Jill Allor of SMU's Department of Teaching and Learning focuses on reading and reading disabilities.

Bernard Weinstein

Do more trade, not less
Business analyst Bernard Weinstein of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute says more cross-border trade and investment can lead to new jobs and higher incomes.

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