Email Encryption Service

logoOIT offers an email encryption service for faculty, staff, and students who transmit highly sensitive data.

Access to Email Encryption

We now offer email encryption capabilities to all benefit-eligible faculty and staff, and current students. Any questions regarding the service should be directed to the IT Help Desk.

How It Works

  • The outgoing email is encrypted for an external recipient.
  • The recipient receives an email alerting them of the encrypted message.
  • The recipient clicks on a link and logs into the Microsoft portal in order to retrieve the data.

Messages sent internally can be automatically decrypted within Outlook. While there may be no need to logon to the portal to read these messages, they will be identified as encrypted email with an icon and a message banner.


Using the Service

There are two ways to encrypt the message once you have been granted permissions to use the encryption service:

  • Simply add [smuencrypt] in the subject line of your message (all lower case with the brackets included)
  • Use the Sensitivity button available in your Outlook client or Webmail.