@smu.edu and @mail.smu.edu formats are interchangeable.

SMU Email cannot be forwarded to another email address.

The maximum message size allowed by the servers is 25 MB. 

For sending larger attachments, please share by using OneDrive or Box to store the file and then share a link to the file.

Students will retain the use of their SMU email account upon graduation.
The current storage quota for faculty and staff is 100 GB, while the storage quota for students on Microsoft 365 is 50 GB.
Spam filtering is provided automatically on the server. We have also made adjustments to our SPAM filter, and you can read about how to improve the results in Your New Spam Filter: What to Expect

All names and addresses automatically populate the Global Address List. This address list is available in Webmail and may be available in other email clients, depending on the configuration.

For faculty and staff email, items contained in the Deleted Items folder will automatically be removed after 30 days, while items in the Junk Email folder will automatically be removed after 60 days.

Instructions for adding personal pronouns to this service and others can be found on the Using Pronouns with IT Services page.