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Bulk Email Lists


OIT provides bulk email lists for distribution of critical messages related to safety, health and campus operations. There are two types of bulk lists on campus. Essential lists are reserved for mandatory content for the University community and managed lists to communicate non-essential content to the appropriate audience.

Essential Email Lists

There are currently four mandatory campus lists. Only approved senders are able to send content through the following lists:

Staff: Includes all benefit-eligible and part-time employees that are not also Instructors.
Faculty: Includes anyone that is marked as an Instructor except for Teaching Assistants and Academic Advisors.
Graduate: Includes all students in a graduate-level program.
Undergraduate: Includes all enrolled undergraduate students.

 Please Note: All current faculty, staff, and students are included in these distribution lists. Membership is mandatory. Membership is maintained through official my.SMU records and the Account Maintenance Automation process.

Retired faculty and staff can elect to remain part of these lists after retirement by contacting the IT Help Desk. Faculty and staff can also request inclusion in other essential distribution lists by contacting the IT Help Desk.

Approved Senders for Essential Lists

OIT maintains the list of departments that are authorized to send emails to the essential lists. These departments send critical messages related to safety, health, and campus operations.

Message Size Limits

The student lists are restricted to 300 KB. Messages sent to the Faculty and Staff lists are restricted to 2 MB.

Message Content

Notifications sent to the lists must be appropriate for the target audience and include critical content related to safety, health, and campus operations.

Managed Lists
(By Subscription)

Departments may request a managed list to send information about upcoming events, programming, or other information to appropriate audiences. These messages do not meet the requirements for the essential lists; therefore, recipients can unsubscribe from receiving messages from these lists.

Need a managed list? Managed lists can be requested by contacting the IT Help Desk.

Using a Third-Party to Send Your Emails?

SMU now requires authorization for campus partners who wish to send emails impersonating an smu.edu domain. This requirement helps us prevent malicious senders from spoofing SMU addresses while attempting to send phishing emails or malware to our campus or outside entities.

Update Your Subscription Preferences

Individuals may opt-out (or back into) any of the managed lists by visiting mylists.smu.edu or clicking the Sign In button above. After you log in to mylists.smu.edu, you can view all lists to which are subscribed or eligible to subscribe. Select or deselect the box next to each list and then click Submit your changes to update your subscription.

Students, staff, and retirees are resubscribed to all lists at the beginning of each academic year. After that, students and staff can adjust their subscription preferences. Faculty retain their subscription preferences as long as their job records and contract paperwork remain current.

QuickTip: Managing Your Email Subscriptions