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Stampeding to the future

Fueled by ongoing support from generous donors to SMU Ignited: Boldly Shaping Tomorrow, the construction of the Garry Weber End Zone Complex is making steady progress after its groundbreaking celebration on December 2, 2022. Made possible by the largest gift in the history of SMU Athletics and other principal gift commitments, the project is now in its third fundraising phase, seeking gifts of all sizes in pursuit of the remaining $20 million needed to complete the three-level, 192,500-square-foot expansion of Gerald J. Ford Stadium. Through these gifts, the Garry Weber End Zone Complex will launch a new era for athletic excellence at SMU by supporting its student-athletes and offering premier opportunities for its Mustang fans.

Interested in season tickets in the new Weber End Zone Complex? Visit our info page.

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Shaping champions

We thank our donors for their generous commitments to the Garry Weber End Zone Complex as part of SMU Ignited: Boldly Shaping Tomorrow, our ambitious $1.5 billion campaign for impact. Through these proud SMU community members and Mustang fans, SMU Athletics reaches a new milestone in its history with over $250 million invested in championship-caliber facilities since 2013.

As of June 18, 2024


Garry A. Weber ’58

Garry A. Weber ’58


Bill Armstrong ’82 and Liz Martin Armstrong ’82 and The Armstrong Foundation

Jennifer Gelety Flanagan ’82 and Martin L. Flanagan ’82

Martin L. Flanagan '82 and Jennifer Gelety Flanagan '82

Richard Ware ’68

 Richard Ware ’68

William J. Ware ’01

William J. Ware ’01

Joseph G. Beard, Sr. ’83 and Sherry H. Beard

Carter B. Ewing and Sarah A. Ewing

Jennifer A. Fox and Lawrence J. Fox

Robert Gotovac, Jr. ’86

J. Stephen Lockton ’89 and Steve Lockton Family Foundation


Herbert Axilrod
Allison T. Benners and Frederick H. Benners, Jr. ’90, ’97
Lackland H. Bloom, III ’95, ’97
Paige Bowling and Randall J. Bowling ’95
Angie Roberson Brown ’91 and Robert D. Brown ’92
James J. Clark and Katherine Murphy Clark ’98
Cathy Dewitt Dunn and Rogge Dunn ’79
Irina Huemiller and Thomas L. Huemiller ’91
AJ Krow ’13 and Mary Dill Krow ’13
Calee Dillon Landen ’16 and James E. Landen, Jr. ’10
James T. Mobley ’80 and Wynona L. Mobley
C. Benton Musslewhite, Sr. ’53, ’54
J. Chris Najork ’67, ’68 and Linda C. Najork
Marcia N. Nash and Thomas E. Nash, III
Alexandra Norton Oshman ’15 and Russell W. Oshman ’03, ’06
Barton Wade Schaller ’90 and Libby Alexander Schaller ’89
David R. Tripplehorn, II ’66


Richard M. Frank and Tiffany G. Frank
Garrett Hanrahan ’93, ’01 and Kimberly Twining Hanrahan ’92
Joshua S. Lerner ’97 and Kelly Lerner
Amy T. Sabin ’89 and Thomas W. Sabin, Jr. ’79
Victor E. Salvino
Victoria Spurgin Snoddy ’04 and W. Taylor Snoddy ’04
Frank H. White ’01, ’06 and Stephanie Sansing White ’06


Andrew S. Adams ’18, ’19
Cooper J. Adams
Robert D. Adams
David J. Allen and Lisa LeBeck Allen ’07
Larry M. Allen and Lori Lodestro Allen ’80
David A. Alpar ’93, ’96 and Melissa I. Alpar ’96
Betty Williams Anderson ’55 and E. Karl Anderson ’53, ’60
David M. Anderson ’72, ’77 and Mary Jane Law Anderson ’71
Patrick D. Andreen ’21
Alexandra Johnson Appleby ’17 and Andrew C. Appleby ’17
Kathryn H. Arata ’87, ’91 and Stephen L. Arata ’88
Augustus Family: Pete, Keve, Angelika, Spiro, Samantha, Pete and George
Antonios B. Gramsas
Bradley W. Ayres ’01, ’02 and Dana Wilcox Ayres ’04
Jessica R. Badarak and William A. Badarak ’13
Gibson H. Baker ’15
Debby Moore Baker ’83 and Richard N. Baker ’83
Katarina L. Baker ’16
Emma Roquemore Bales ’19
Jessica P. Ball ’09
Grant Bray
Beau Bray
Jack Bray
Joseph E. Ball and Rebecca Ball
Kathryn Barnes and Scott W. Barnes ’20
Robert B. Batson ’95, ’07 and Sheryl D. Coyne-Batson
Samuel G. Bayne, III ’21
Richard K. Beacham ’82
Amalie G. Beard ’23
Brian W. Bearden ’83, ’85 and Sharon Bearden Brian P. Becker ’89 and Emily C. Becker
Leslie D. Beckmann
Mica R. Beckmann ’12, ’18
Ashley Crum Begert ’03 and Jeffrey P. Begert
Bo D. Beidleman ’19
Michelle Booker Bennett ’94 and Stephen A. Bennett
Douglas A. Berg ’73 and Laurna Lightbody Berg ’74
Larry J. Bergstrom ’67 and Susan Chapman Bergstrom ’68
Timothy R. Berigan ’80 and Yadira C. R. Berigan
Thomas N. Bettes ’77 and Darlene Bettes
Gina Elder Betts ’82 and Kenneth L. Betts
Rebecca Phillips Betz ’00 and Wade B. Betz ’02
Naveen Bhatti, Jr. ’20
Lori Sauereisen Biesterfeldt ’81 and Randall P. Biesterfeldt
Blake R. Biggers ’03
E. Paul Bigham ’70, ’75 and Sandra J. Bigham
Orin T. Black ’94
Elizabeth M. Boddicker ’16
William D. Bolton ’94
Kellyanne L. Bonds ’18
Donald R. Booth ’67
Allison P. Bereswill ’13, ’14 and Nicholas B. W. Boulle ’11
Harry S. Bowen, Jr. and Patricia Perron Bowen ’94
Patrick M. Bowen
Andrea Perez Boyles ’17 and Connor E. Boyles ’16
Patricia M. Boysen and Richard A. Boysen ’68, ’92
Richard P. Boysen ’94
Dane Z. Brannan ’10
Roslyn Patterson Breen ’87 and Sean Breen
Christi D. Brennan and Jeffrey P. Brennan ’97
Jeffrey A. Brizzolara ’87 and Family
Ian G. Broadbent ’22
Michael B. Brouthers ’80
Claire C, Browder ’04
Carol Collier Brown ’91 and Gregory D. Brown ’83
Janis Atkinson Brown ’79
Natalie Parr Browne ’01 and Stephen V. Browne ’02
Milldred Musslewhite Bruce ’04 and Thomas A. Bruce ’02
Joe S. Bruce ’23
Amy M. Van Brunt ’94
Michelle R. Bryant and Todd C. Bryant
Alexander L. Buck ’83 and Mary B. Buck
John Bulin
Jay S. Bullock ’87
Lauren and Jack Henry Bullock
Wayne Z. Burkhead, Jr. ’74
Kimberly Johnson Burt ’00
Emily Edwards Buttermore ’03 and J. Ross Buttermore ’04, ’11
Murray K. Campbell ’75 and Sylvia Campbell
Baxter A. Cantrell ’18 and Monica Bumpass Cantrell ’21
Brian D. Capp ’22
Julianne M. Capp
Kevin Collins, Cole Collins, Cindy Carnes
Wes Reynolds Carr ’23 
Alexander G. Carrillo ’21
Clark G. Case and Diane Norton Case ’80
Rhonda Barnes Casey ’94
William R. Casey ’13
Hayes W. Casey
Colton R. Casey
Travis M. Casey ’10
Allen J. Cashin ’01 and Catherine Zorger Cashin ’01, ’02
Christian D. Castro ’23
Ben Caswell ’92
James E. Caswell ’63, ’66, ’70 
Blake V. Cecil ’93 and Melinda Cecil
Dawn Hart Christensen ’81 and James L. Christensen
Laura Y. Clark and Mark A. Clark ’86
Kristin Standard Clemmensen ’77 and Paul L. Clemmensen ’79
John H. Coates ’15
Elizabeth P’Pool Coble ’86 and Leslie D. Coble ’80
Jenna Veldhuis Colbert ’14 and K. Taylor Colbert ’11, ’13
Grace E. Colbert ’20
Taylor Williams Collins ’17
Lisa Combs and Paul B. Combs ’90
Meredith Allen Connally ’16
Ansley M. Conner and Mark R. Conner ’83
Jonathan P. Conser ’93 and Renea Conser ’96
Andrew T. Cook ’18
Nancy A. Cooper and Russell W. Cooper ’75, ’78
Charles S. Cooper ’00 and Kristi Cooper
Kyle A. Cooper ’19
Alex, Vicky, Owen & Juliet Copp
James M. Cornelius ’77
Winston W. Corse
C. Turner Coxe ’20, ’21, ’22
Jean E. Cramer ’83
Jason L. Creel ’99 and Pamela Buckles Creel ’98
Keri Croy and Lute Croy ’02
Christopher D. Bowers and Veronica A. Cuadra ’92
David B. Curran, Jr. ’81 and Nancy N. Curran
Andrea Daffron and James R. Daffron ’60
Carol Dalby and John L. Dalby ’75
Marti and Robert Dalby
Barbara Schrade Daniel ’66 and Kenneth L. Daniel, Jr.
Danielle Virgadamo Davis ’00 and Scott J. Davis ’00
Lucas J. DeMaio ’23
Dale A. Demastus ’73 and Karen F. Demastus
Amanda Forgason Dempsey ’02 and Jay R. Dempsey ’03
Beverly A. DeVaughn ’85
Chris Dial and Kari King Dial ’01
Collin C. Dierssen ’23
Jason H. Dodds ’87 and Lynnette J. Dodds
Dana Freker Doody ’95
David R. Dooley, Jr. (BBA1970, Baseball Letterman)
Andrew S. Doughtie ’80 and Jil Lecorgne Doughtie ’80
Amanda M. Duke ’21, ’23
Gianna M. Duran ’13
Jillian Morici Duran ’19
Linda J. Dutke ’75, ’76
Christopher A. Earles ’21 and Grace L. Graves ’20
Ashley C. Earnest ’06
Johnna Cook Edone ’95 and Ryan M. Edone
Kathleen Eidbo and Paul H. Eidbo ’91
James F. Ellison ’19
Andrew S. Embody ’17
Charlotte S. Embody and Derek S. Embody
William R. Embody ’14
Elizabeth Baier Emerson ’86 and J. Russ Emerson
Ruth Anne Emerson ’23
Aileen Escobedo ’13
Brett H. Estwanik and Britt Moen Estwanik ’04
The Estwanik Family Mustangs! James, Luke, and Laine Estwanik
Leigh Hansbrough Fahr ’01, ’02 and Trevor C. Fahr ’02
Robert L. Faust ’60
Austin T. Federer ’16, ’17
Michael D. Ferguson ’67, ’73  and Janet Ferguson
Barbara B. Ferson and Scott E. Ferson ’74
Cole D. Fleming ’23
Jessica L. Flores ’21
Scott E. Fly ’94
Mark O. Foreman and Megan Shipman Foreman ’96
Bradley C. Forster and Robert D. Forster ’68
Justin L. Forte ’15, ’16
Avery C. Kout ’20, ’21
Matthew Forte
Catherine M. Fosina and Matthew J. Fosina ’08
The Fowler Family: Brandon, Shanna, Brooks and Charlotte
Alexander G. Freeman ’18
Jeffrey Friday ’71
Dana M. Frost and Scott M. Frost ’86
Matthew T. Fuller ’96
D. Weston Gable ’10
Alice L. Gaiser and George N. Gaiser, Jr. ’87
George N. Gaiser, III; Grant Gaiser; Grace Gaiser
George N. Gaiser, Sr. ’67 and Phyllis A. Gaiser
A. James Gallardo ’11
Siddarth H. Gally ’22
Ann Wukasch Gamel ’91, ’97 and R. Christopher Gamel
Michael H. Garcia ’79
Daniel J. Garcy ’09
Garbrielle E. Garcy ’19
Garrett Family: Carey, Al ’82, Allie ’21, Anna ’23, Aaron ’24 Evan S. Gart ’14 and Stephanie DiLoreto Gart ’14, ’15
Joshua L. Gary ’01 and Kristen Cruikshank Gary ’01
Dana J. Gavin ’98, ’06
Blake W. Gebhardt
Rita Gibson and Ronald A. Gibson ’84
Michelle C. Girard and Thomas J. Girard
Joseph H. Goddard ’04, ’09
Anthony E. Good ’83 and Coco N. Good
Mackenzie C. Goodburn ’20
The Gorgol Family
Coleen M. Gorman and Joseph T. Gorman, Jr. ’78, ’81
Marley Wing Goudge ’10 and Robert M. Goudge
Clare Golden Grable ’65  and Jerry L. Grable ’62
Brandi J. Graham and Jason A. Graham ’07
Hannah Ali Grant ’19, ’22 and Jonathan W. Grant ’19
Priscilla Davis Gravely ’63 and Warren L. Gravely, Jr. ’63
John E. Graves ’64 and Lynne Sternberg Graves ’64
Karen E. Gray
Kevin C. Gremer and Mary-Stuart Gremer
Anne-Pearson Gremer
Jane-Carlton Gremer ’22
Kyle J. Griffin ’08
Sally Johnson Griftner ’78, ’81 and William V. Griftner ’78
Matthew C. Grinsfelder ’22
Lisa Doepfner Groshek ’82, ’07
Gina C. Grove ’98
Jim J. Gutierrez ’06 and Lauren Smith Gutierrez ’07
Claudia V. Marquez ’98 and Gabriel Gutierrez ’94
Lisa Frey Hagstrom ’95 and Mike Hagstrom
Lori Grizaffi Hague ’86 and Timothy B. Hague ’85
Shelby T. Hague ’18, ’19
Cheryl Marchus Hall ’73 and John A. Hall ’71, ’73, ’79
Robert W. Hall ’20
Bonnie Moore Hanley ’80 and Mark D. Hanley ’78
Earle D. Harbison, Jr. ’06
G. Cleve Hardman, III ’77
Dana Hargrove Harkey ’72, ’76 and Jack W. Harkey, Jr. ’72
Laura C. Harrell ’20
Kirby J. Hart ’21
Peggy Berg Hawkins ’67 and Tommy E. Hawkins ’66
Alyssa A. Wilson ’07
Amy Murrell Heimendinger ’01
Sidney M. Henry, Jr. ’57, ’59, ’60
Sally Keller Herbert ’93 and Ronald K. Herbert ’90
Mikayla A. Hernandez ’21
Roberto Hernandez ’16
Mark J. Herrin ’88 and Paige Herrin
Hannah K. Hester ’14
Adam Hickey
Andrew R. Hickman ’92, ’94
Alexis G. Millenbaugh ’11, ’12 and Chip Hiemenz ’06
Mary J. Higgins ’13
Elizabeth Higgins ’12, ’13
James L. Hill and Paula Neiman Talbot Hill ’00
Mercedes Villarreal Hinojosa ’18
Chuck Hixson, Jr. ’70 and Roxanne T. Hixson
V. Elizabeth Hoffman
Lauren White Hollis ’96 and William B. Hollis
Jay S. Hollyman ’75
William T. Holt, IV ’91
Jason B. Holton ’98
Monica Netherland Hopkins ’01 and Newton Hopkins, III ’01
John K. Horany ’83, ’86 and Fabian S. Horany
Cole P. Horton ’07
Heidi A. Hubacek ’23
John P. Humphrey, Jr. ’84, ’90 and Sarah Higdon Humphrey ’84
Travis E. Hunt ’05
Matthew S. Hutnyan ’21
Nancy Friday Infante ’75
Angela J. Ingels ’88
Mason B. Intlekofer ’18, ’20
Pierce Stewart
James G. Isleib ’94 and Jennifer Cook Isleib ’94
Lila A. Jach
Lillian M. Jach ’23
Watson and Chubby Jackson
Catherine A. Jacob ’23
Jordan B. Jeffcott ’14
Jimmy H. Joe ’22
Austin M. Manierre ’14 and Emily Trichel Johansson ’16, ’17
James W. Johnson ’70 and Karen Kennedy Johnson ’69
Clasina K. Johnson and Richard J. Johnson
Jay E. Johnson ’90 and Sarah Johnson
Edward T. Johnson ’16
Catherine White Johnson ’76 and Paul D. Johnson ’75
Murial A. Johnson-Redd ’77, ’80
Charles R. Jonas, III ’93 and Heather MacLeod Jonas ’94
Carson Smetko; Campbell Smetko; Charlotte Smetko
Ann M. Jones and John R. Jones ’75
Jeffrey M. Jones ’89 and Katherine E. Jones
Kathryn M. Jones ’22, ’23
Alyson Kauth Jones ’85 and Robert M. Jones
William S. Jones, III ’72
Anna M. Jones and Timothy R. Jones
Spencer N. Jones
Lance B. Jordan ’98 and Lindsay Fry Jordan ’98
Scott F. Jordan ’86 and Tim Myrick
Lacey Taylor Jordan and William H. Jordan, Sr.
William H. Jordan, Jr. ’23
Baeley Whittle Junge ’17 and Trevor Junge
Cole J. Junker ’23
Chelsea Rickel Kaiser ’14, ’15 Jon P. Karp ’90 and Lori S. Karp
Andrew M. Katigan ’13 and Jessica Webb Katigan ’13
Jonathan C. Keith and Kristen Hatcher Keith ’04
Walter Armstrong Kennedy, V
Aubrey L. Kennedy and Walter A. Kennedy, IV
Marni Rose Kerner ’92
Pauline E. Kerr ’20
Kyle E. Kidd ’95 and Molly Noble Kidd ’94
Brian S. Kim ’20, ’21
D’Eriq King
Harrison L. Kisber ’23
Jack Klein and Rita Ryan Klein ’75
Ashlee Hunt Kleinert ’88 and Chris Kleinert ’88
Annette M. Knief and Robert G. Knief
E. Christopher Knox ’83, ’85 and Sharon Williams Knox ’82
Lauren N. Kobayashi ’20
Bradford A. Kolb and Judy H. Kolb
Brittany N. Kolb ’16
Victoria A. Koleski ’11
Maegan A. Kosiara ’19
Timothy J. Kreatschman ’85, ’87 and Petra Zlovic
Matthew T. Kruczek ’20, ’21
Diane Sammon Kucera ’02 and Kyle W. Kucera ’22
Kevin A. Kuenstler ’91 and Kristi M. Kuenstler
Anni R. Kum ’21, ’22
Maegen E. Kuykendall and Michael J. Kuykendall ’10
Robert C. Kyle, II ’17
R. Austin Lacy ’20
Michael R. LaMar ’14, ’17
Rebecca A. Land
Amanda E. Lang ’20, ’21
Nicholas W. Lang ’23
Alecia Griffin Lawyer ’90 and Lawrence M. Lawyer ’90
Zachary M. Lawyer
Erin E. Lazarus ’19
Ryan C. Leaven ’23
Jason J. Lehigh ’15
Savannah M. Lehner ’20
Evan A. Lewis ’18
Emma B. Lewis ’20
L. Jackson Lightfoot ’20
Joshua A. Lincoln ’09
Elaine Souda Lindh ’93 and Kenneth M. P. Lindh ’93, ’99
Janet R. Line and Mark G. Line ’62
Max W. Lippitt, IV ’10
Dylan Luchini and Megan L. Litke-Luchini
Esther K. Liu ’13, ’14
Sally Crocker Lodestro ’53 
Kelly Meadows Lodge ’89 and W. Murray Lodge
Anthony M.J. Losito ’23
Sydney E. Lothes ’22
Truc T. Luong ’16
S. Charles Macel ’21
John A. MacLeod ’88 and Shauna C. MacLeod
Joshua W. Madans ’93
Allen G. Madden ’90 and Ann Rose Madden
Brice C. Madison ’20
AJ Mainord ’23
Bethany E. Malloy ’95
Elaine Sullivan Malloy ’64 and John M. Malloy ’61, ’66
Michael J. Malone ’05
Heather L. Malonson and Marcus P. Malonson ’93
Wayne A. Mann ’76
Cole Bamberger
Mackenzie K. Marinovich
Emily Van Volkinburg Marr ’10
Heather M. Marshall and Matthew K. Marshall ’22
Harold W. Marshall
Desiree Atwood Marshall ’82 and R. Harold Marshall, Jr. ’82
Anna E. Brooks ’17 and N. Ross Martin ’16
Mark L. Masinter ’86 and Rebecca Nicholson Masinter ’88
Kayla R. Mason ’17
Gail Vosburgh Massad ’68 and Robert A. Massad ’68
Rebecca Matherne and Richard C. Matherne ’88
Robert W. Matherne ’62 
Thara K. Mathews ’07, ’11
Eric T. Matthews ’04, ’05
Holly Matthews and Travis J. Matthews ’00
Russell H. Matthias, III ’84
Ian N. McCann ’00
Adrian R. McClure ’19, ’23
Christine Flynn McConnell ’84 and Michael McConnell
Cherie L. McGregor and Frank H. McGregor, III
Cynthia Gerber McIlhenny ’85 and J. Lance McIlhenny ’84
Connor D. McKee ’23
Nicholas R. McLaughlin ’18
L. William McNutt, III ’77, ’84 and Susana Rabel McNutt ’99
Tally S. Melone ’97
Ryan C. Mendez ’20
Jane Hollyman Menegay ’71 and Paul Menegay
Andrew H. Meyer and Barbara W. Meyer
Stephanie Mathias Michel ’94
James W. Middleton ’95, ’04 and Kelly E. Middleton ’04
Jonathan E. D. Miller ’12
Ashley Crawford Miller ’18 and Gregory M. Miller ’20
Cynthia Russell Mills ’81 and Kenneth H. Mills, Jr.
Bailey R. Minehart ’13
Mattie Eiland Mitchell ’13, ’20 and Morgan J. Mitchell ’21
Christopher P. Mitchell ’11
Lawrence D. Monaco ’77 and Sharon A. Monaco
Sean R. Mooney ’21
John D. Moore ’03 and Mary M. Moore
Jimmy L. Moore ’69 and Vickie L. Moore
Coila Torrance Moore ’72 and Randall W. Moore
Theodore T. Moreno, IV ’20
Lynn Morrissey Morford ’93 and Michael S. Morford ’93
Dianne G. Morgan and Philip D. Morgan ’78
G.L. Morris, Jr. ’59
William S. Morris, V ’22
Andrea Roberts Morris ’00
Rita L. McGinnis-Morriss ’81 and William O. Morriss ’81
Betsy Lane Morton ’76, ’05 and Stephan E. Morton ’74, ’76
Angela N. Moten ’98
Eli C. Moya, III ’96
Daniel O. Mulford ’16
Brian B. Murray ’78 and Kathleen M. Murray
Justin J. Musser ’18
Reagan L. Nagel ’23
Amara S. Burki Napper and Richard A. Napper ’92
Nathan P. Nash ’09 and Rachel Brown Nash ’07
Connor J. Nassetta ’23 and Madeline D. Provenzano
Brooke A. Neal ’14, ’17
Julissa Negrete ’21, ’22
Nelson Family: Tucker ’23, Quincy ’27 Narcedalia Negrete ’19
Evelyn Negrete ’22, ’23
Matthew K. Neville ’22
Albert Li and Thanh-Chi Nguyen ’94, ’99
Hsueh Ming Li
Bradley A. Nichols ’99
Douglas J. Nichols ’95, ’97 and Gerry Nichols
Mark W. Norris ’08
Natalie M. Novak ’11
Linda M. Noyd and Paul A. Noyd ’75
Dustin Nyhus and Kimberly Pasca Nyhus ’02
Kelly A. O’Halloran ’18
Gregory S. Orlowski and Victoria J. Orlowski
Alexis M. O’Rourke ’20, ’21
Nels P. Paine ’88 and Tory H. Paine
Thomas J. Papadakis ’92 and Wendy S. Papadakis
Becky D. Park and J. Michael Park ’89
Jim N. Parker
Derek Paskaitis and Vanessa Haines Paskaitis ’90
Shivan R. Patel ’17
B.L. Payne, Jr. ’71 and Jean B. Payne
Griffin T. Payne ’21
Paula Pettigrew Payne ’02
A.J. Peash ’16
Caroline A. Peash ’22
Nicholas G. Perillo ’22
Delanna Perkins and S. Blake Perkins ’99
Carrie Perkins and Thomas C. Perkins ’83
Chris Knox
Katrina R.M. Perkins ’23
Angelle McBride Petersen ’11 and J. Andrew Petersen ’12
Austin R. Peterson ’13
Joseph D. Peterson ’23
Brittany R. Pettit and Jason R. Pettit ’01
Robert C. Phelps ’12
Gregory B. Phillips and Jennifer Latour Phillips ’96
Kyle V. Pierce and Susan D. Pierce
Zachary R. Piontek ’21
David J. Pittman ’87 and Katherine L. Pittman
Martha I. Porta ’07
Greg Price and Marca Thomas Price ’84
Steven P. Protz ’75 and Suzanne W. Protz
Eugenio F. Torres Quintanilla ’15
Seema Qureshi ’86, ’91
Caroline Zivley Rahmn ’07 and Michael R. Rahmn ’07
Aleksandar Raicevic ’19
Nikola Raicevic
Stefan Raicevic ’17
Silvana K. Raicevic and Vladimir Raicevic
Dale E. Reistad and Kathryn Fickenscher Reistad ’78
Madeline B. Reusse ’21
Robert W. Richards ’03
Chase R. Richards ’13, ’14 and Taylor Kara Richards ’15, ’18
Nancy Richardson and Robert M. Richardson ’62
Twila Tucker Richardson ’67
Dean L. Rider, II
Dean L. Rider, III
David Riggan ’16
Giancarlo Rinaldini ’20, ’21
Jason A. Rinehart ’17
Alan de Jesus Perez Rivera ’10
Jane Rizzuto Robbins ’13
Russell T. Roberts, II ’22
R. Eugene Roberts ’98
Tyler R. Roberts ’18
Erin A. Robinson ’19
Lorie Robinson and Neil Robinson
Jose M. Rodriguez ’19
Juliana G. Roller ’23
Carin M. Rollins and John W. Rollins, III ’92
Ashley Bonilla Romo ’06 and Jerad J. Romo ’06
Alice Root
Mason B. Root ’14 and Moriah Momsen Root ’14, ’15
John M. Roth ’11
Irby P. Rozelle ’03
Nicholas N. Ruuska ’14
Jake M. Ryan ’22
Stephanie M. Ryan ’18
David B. Saller ’04
Jonathan M. Samaniego ’21
William S. Sanford, IV ’15
Jennifer J. Santrock ’91
Catherine C. Scalise ’86
Savannah Schaller and Wade M. Schaller ’19
Robert M. Schecter ’78
Austin M. Schnell ’15, ’18
Franklin R. Schorsch ’20
Thomas K. Schuenemann ’21
Lisa Bankler Schulgen ’00, ’03 and Sean H. Schulgen ’98, ’03
Schumacher Family
Kristi Schwartz and Steven G. Schwartz ’91
Edward C. Scott ’20
Steve J. Seffense ’86
Glenn David Segrato and Tracy Rostik Segrato ’96
Madisen G. Seidel ’18
Annalise F. Shaw ’23
Charles H. Shealy ’82
Nicole R. Shealy ’14
Andrew E. Shepard ’09
Phillip W. Shepherd Family
David C. Sica ’88 and Linna Drummonds-Sica
Lara Sarvadi Siewert ’91
Evan P. Siewert ’20
Gabrielle B. Silver ’23
Jacob G. Simeon ’19
Anders R. Simmeth ’18
Brandi L.B. Sinclair ’02, ’03 and Brandon Sinclair
Brian Slay and Jeanne Kuhn Slay ’85
Brianna O. Slay
Darrin C. Smith ’87 and Lori Smith
Braden H. Smith ’11
Emma J. Smith ’15, ’16
Cortlyn M. Smith and Sumner A. Smith ’20
Sara J. Snell ’73
Elizabeth Ennis Somers ’88 and Rick Somers
Jessica Hadfield Starley ’12
Marc I. Steinberg
Anna L. Stell ’15 and Brennan P. Foley ’16
Sara J. Stephens ’18
Max Stewart and Reann Stewart
Colleen Tautkus Stotts ’17 and Garrett E. Stotts ’19
Jeremy K. Stout ’94
Solon S. Stratton ’23
Meghann O’Leary Strickland ’05
Ian T. Stripe
Nicole Styczynski and Richard P. Styczynski ’92
David M. Sudbury ’67, ’70 and Holly Ritger Sudbury ’68
Alexa K.S. Sutherlin ’23
Lee Ann Sydenstricker ’89
Gary E. Taylor ’87 and Lori Taylor
L. Andrew Teichner ’22
William C. Templeton ’16
Kristina McGovern Tenenbaum ’03, ’04 and Kurt G. Tenenbaum
Charles L. Tennyson, Jr. ’69 and Sheila D. Tennyson
Catherine Lehman Terry ’17 and Keaten R. Terry ’17
Daniel L. Thomas, Jr. ’65
Brian Thomason and Michelle Zachary Thomason ’98
Amy Greer Thompson ’89 and Vester J. Thompson, III
David Richards
Ryan J. Thoreson ’23
David M. Tiffany ’99, ’02 and Kelley Moore Tiffany ’99, ’01
L. Max Tippett ’23
The Tobin Family: Aaron, Jennifer, Anna, and Ashton
Lisa Panchasarp Tran ’02 and Jimmy J. Tran ’03
Marisa R. Troxwell ’17 and Michael E. Troxwell ’18, ’19
Julie Turner and Peter S. Turner ’90
C. Matthew Turney ’16 and Kamryn Turney
Kaitlyn Udovitsch
Nicole Wuis Udovitsch ’00 and Ryan Udovitsch
Scott E. Uszynski ’92
Amy M. Van Brunt ’94
Christopher Vaughn and Victoria Fitzgerald Vaughn ’16
K. Schae Vela ’16
Katherine Kinder Vidal ’95, ’99 and Ulises Vidal, IV
Eric R. Vigil ’10 and Loren Morcomb Vigil ’10
Taylor V. Vinson ’19
Sandra C. Virden and Walter Virden, III ’63
Nicholas W. Vogeley ’20, ’21
Kurt K. Voges ’22
Lisa M. Vollmer and Steven L. Vollmer
Becky F. Waldman and Mark B. Waldman ’78
George S. Walker, Jr.
Victor Wang ’16
Gay S. Warren and Robert E. Warren, Jr. ’64
Hill W. Washburne ’22
Brittni L. Watkins ’17, ’19
Michael R. Watkins and Stacey G. Watkins
Michael R. Watkins, II
Susan M. Watkins ’10
Diane Solether Waynick ’70 and Sidney L. Waynick
Ladd A. Webber ’74
Brooke A. Weber ’22
Madison L. Weber ’23
Christina Merchant Weber ’82
Paul A. Wehrmann ’87, ’90 and Tracy E. Wehrmann
Cynthia L. Weinthaler ’84 and Peter Black
Gary F. Wesson and Marylynn Daniels Wesson ’02
Robert E. Westerfield ’19
Frank H. White ’01, ’06 and Stephanie Sansing White ’06
Jeremy D. White ’17, ’18
J. Richard White ’69, ’70, ’73, ’77 and Johnelle White
Avery A. White
Matthew B. White ’91 and Stacey R. White
John B. Wiener ’17, ’18
Stephanie M. Rhoades ’03 and Justin K. Williams ’04
Cari L. Willis and O. Mitchell Willis ’85
John D. Windham ’22
Stephanie Fischer Wingate ’05, ’10
Morgan T. Winslow ’15
Andrew B. Witt ’99
Chad R. Woods ’90
Melonie D. Woods-Koeijmans ’92
Ancanetta Hooper Wright ’60
Jim Wuis
The Wuistinger Family
Alicia Garrett Yeager ’21 and Carson B. Yeager ’20
Jake H. Yurachek
Jeffrey A. Zinn ’94 and Kathleen Y. Zinn

Building on a legacy of athletic excellence



Anchoring Ford Stadium’s south bowl and connecting its existing east and west gate entries, the Garry Weber End Zone Complex will increase the functionality, efficiency and overall experience of Mustang football for student-athletes and fans. With three levels of public and private spaces, the new complex will support SMU's 484 student athletes and house team coaches, staff and recruiting services. Additionally, the new complex will offer fans and visitors premium experiences, improved pedestrian accessibility and expanded guest facilities.

Artist rendering of team locker room.

conceptual rendering

Team locker room

Designed to motivate team spirit and sharpen our teams' competitive edge prior to and after Mustang football games, locker rooms act as hubs for camaraderie, preparation and the celebration of both individual and team achievements.

West Atrium

In addition to private spaces to support SMU's student-athletes and staff, the Garry Weber End Zone Complex will offer spaces like the West Atrium, which will welcome visitors, showcase SMU Athletics' rich history and recognize major donors to the Garry Weber End Zone Complex.

Artist rendering of the West Atrium interior

conceptual rendering

Artist rendering of the indoor sports performance suite.

conceptual rendering

Sports Performance Suite

Designed to inspire Mustang pride, spaces like the Sports Performance Suite will support SMU's student-athletes as they pursue the highest levels of athletic excellence with designated areas for functional weight, cardio and therapeutic training and exercise.

Artist rendering of two people viewing the Garry Weber End Zone Complex from the corner of the football field

Expected impact

  • Bolsters the efficiency, occupancy and functionality of Ford Stadium through better accessibility and premium fan seating.
  • Empowers Mustang student-athletes with dynamic new spaces for strategy- and team-building activities.
  • Strengthens the health and well-being of SMU Athletics through improved nutrition and sports medicine facilities, as well as better training and recovery options.
  • Furthers SMU Athleticsʼ momentum toward the upper echelons of competitive athletics.

Spaces to inspire Mustang pride

Team level

  1. Sports Performance Level
  2. Team Locker Room
  3. Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center
  4. Strength Training Floor

Mezzanine level

  1. Player Lounge
  2. Cardio Mezzanine

Hospitality level

  1. Club Hospitality Level
  2. Training Table Dining
  3. Patio Club Dining
  4. Outdoor Dining
  5. Flex Dining Room
  6. Grandstand
  7. West Atrium
  8. Lobby
  9. Media Suite

Operations level

  1. Offensive Block/Defensive Block
  2. Letterwinners Lounge
  3. Head Coach Suite
  4. Head Coach Boardroom
  5. Team Auditorium
  6. Conference Room/Flex Suite
  7. Pre-function Lounge
  8. Specialty Coach Office
  9. Assistant Coach Office
  10. Position Meeting Room – Large
  11. Position Meeting Room – Small

Existing Stadium Club

  1. Stadium Club

Existing Hall of Champions

  1. Hall of Champions Club
Hall of Champions

Naming opportunities


  • Club Hospitality Level
  • Sports Performance Level
  • Stadium Club
  • Kid Zone
  • Training Table & Kitchen
  • West Atrium
  • Scoreboard
  • Team Locker Room
  • Hall of Champions Club


  • Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Area
  • Center Grandstand
  • Strength Training Floor
  • Defensive/Offensive Block
  • Head Coach's Suite
  • Press Level
  • Patio Club
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Letterwinners Lounge
  • Plaza (southeast)
  • Cardio Mezzanine
  • Lobby
  • Head Coach's Board Room
  • Team Auditorium
  • Flex Dining Room

$25,000 TO $999,999

  • Media Suite
  • Conference Room/Flex Suite
  • Player Lounge
  • Pre-function Lounge
  • Specialty Coach Office
  • Position Meeting Room - Large
  • Assistant Coach Office
  • Position Meeting Room - Small
  • Player Lockers


Giving opportunities are available for donors at all levels in support of the Weber End Zone Complex. Additional details will be made available in the coming months.

  • Donors who make leadership gifts of $1,000 and more will be prominently recognized on a permanent display at the complex, plans for which are still being finalized.
  • Donors of $250 or more will be recognized on the permanent display and receive a limited-edition SMU Mustang mini-helmet.
  • Donors of $100 or more will be recognized on the permanent display.
  • Donors at any level will be invited to the opening celebration for the complex in 2024 and listed on this webpage at the appropriate giving level.

Build your legacy

The Garry Weber End Zone Complex supports the SMU Ignited campaign goal to enhance our campus and community through nationally competitive athletics, community engagement and diverse public programming.

For more information about giving opportunities to SMU Athletics in support of the Garry Weber End Zone Complex, please contact Joshua Whittenburg, associate athletics director for development, at or 214-768-3315.