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Fueling learning, teaching and research

SMU Libraries

The library is the heart of a university.

— SMU President Charles Selecman (1923–1938)

The SMU Libraries live by these words, which fuel the essential mission of the University in teaching, learning, research and creative works. Our libraries provide critical services, collections and facilities that reach and engage every student, faculty, staff and global community member who seeks to learn from our past, stand on the shoulder of giants and re-imagine our future. Like the heart, we reliably and steadfastly deliver the sustenance upon which the intellectual and social life thrives at SMU in Dallas and worldwide.

Make an impact

The SMU Libraries have exciting opportunities for donors with a range of interests and capabilities during the SMU Ignited: Boldly Shaping Tomorrow campaign. Our libraries possess a universal appeal for alumni and non-alumni as there are many opportunities to make a significant impact for a wide audience across all academic disciplines represented at SMU. The SMU Libraries are an ideal source for donors who want visibility and broad name recognition as, collectively, the libraries enjoy millions of virtual and physical visits to our collections and facilities every year.

Create your legacy

Endow the dean of SMU Libraries

Endowing the deanship will provide perpetual financial support for SMU Libraries’ current and emerging strategic directions as determined by the dean of SMU Libraries. Libraries are dynamic organizations that benefit from strong leadership and the ability to reallocate resources in the ever-evolving field of information dissemination. An endowed deanship elevates the importance of libraries, enhances the profile of the dean and makes available unrestricted funds for other library priorities.

Duda Family Business Library

The Duda Family Business Library, located in the Cox School of Business, offers vital resources to support educational and research excellence, including dedicated business librarians, in-class instruction sessions, open enrollment workshops and dynamic reference services. Together, the Duda Family Business Library and the co-located Kitt Investing and Trading Center deliver timely, accurate information and expertise in a technologically rich environment that enhances the academic quality and competitiveness of the Cox School of Business and SMU.

Special Collections Conservation Center

Adjacent to the Scholarship and Research Studio, the Special Collections Conservation Center will ensure the preservation and conservation of fragile, rare and unique materials. The SMU library system is one of only a few of its caliber without a dedicated libraries-wide conservation lab staffed with specialists equipped to assess, repair and stabilize our invaluable collection of books, manuscripts, ephemera and film artifacts. This gift plus endowment will fund the purchase of equipment and the renovation of a purpose-built space while ensuring future conservation needs are met.

Endow special collections leadership

SMU Libraries special collections encompass tangible materials documenting the lived human experience across time. The valuable and diverse cultural heritage collections are overseen by highly qualified librarians and archivists who collect, document, preserve and share the riches of our internationally recognized resources with SMU and the world. This endowed fund will provide support for essential leadership positions within the distinctive collection areas, bringing additional skill sets to assist with our goal to activate the collective cultural heritage assets of SMU for the benefit of our students and scholars.

Endow the SMU Libraries Internship Program

The SMU Libraries Internship Program is an inclusive training ground for future librarians that adds immeasurable value to the SMU community. Each year we train and financially support five interns from leading library and information schools. While at SMU, the interns are an integral part of the growth and progress of SMU Libraries. Endowing this program not only secures SMU Libraries as an institution distinguished by its ability to train new librarians; it also ensures the SMU community will continue to benefit from the talent, dedication and expertise of the best and brightest in our profession.

The SMU Ignited campaign is a seminal opportunity for SMU Libraries to build upon the strong foundation laid by pioneering librarians and library supporters who recognize that what we do today influences the success of many, in ways known and unknown.

— Holly E. Jeffcoat, Dean of SMU Libraries

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As the premier private university in North Texas, SMU exists to shape future leaders who transform communities and organizations through ingenuity and thoughtful problem-solving. Building on our history of excellence, we have launched SMU Ignited: Boldly Shaping Tomorrow – our multiyear, $1.5 billion campaign to attract and support outstanding students and faculty, to explore new fields and cutting-edge technologies, and to positively impact Dallas and the world beyond. We invite you to join us and empower the bold, the curious and the creative to better their professions and their communities.

Blaze a new path
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Director of Development
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