Building business leaders

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Building business leaders

SMU is blazing a trail into the next era of business education. We have undertaken a two-year, $140 million renovation and expansion project to create the David B. Miller Business Quadrangle – the facilities needed to train students for an ever-more collaborative and technologically integrated world. Enter our virtual experience to experience the new classrooms and collaborative spaces in our future facilities.

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Overview video

Thanks to a community of donors who gave more than $100 million during the first phase of the project, we celebrated the groundbreaking of the David B. Miller Business Quadrangle on May 6, 2022. Check out this video to learn how the Cox School facilities contribute to our overarching vision to foster educational distinction, industry research and business leadership on the Hilltop.

A foundation for excellence

Through the renovation and expansion of its facilities, the Cox School will inspire students, welcome visitors and promote new ways of approaching the Cox School’s unique opportunities and thought-provoking challenges during its second 100 years. We invite you to join our illustrious group of supporters in taking SMU’s enterprising spirit out into the world to benefit current and future generations.


We thank the donors who make it possible

Many donors have already invested in the future of business education on the Hilltop. Their contributions to the Cox School of Business renovation and expansion project will ignite excellence in our students and inspire innovation on the Hilltop for generations to come.

As of November 10, 2023

$25 million lead donor

David B. Miller ’72, ’73 and Carolyn L. Miller and The David B. Miller Family Foundation

$5 million – $24.9 million


Jane R. Bolin and Pat S. Bolin ’73

Gina L. Bridwell and Tucker S. Bridwell ’73, ’74

Gary T. Crum ’69 and Sylvie P. Crum

Fritz Duda and Mary Lee Duda and The Fritz and Mary Lee Duda Foundation

Aurelia C. Heppner and Brad K. Heppner ’88

Katy A. Miller and Kyle D. Miller ’01

Kim M. Shaddock and William C. Shaddock ’74

Bryan S. Sheffield ’01 and Sharoll M. Sheffield

$1 million – $4.9 million


Allison T. Benners and Frederick H. Benners, Jr. ’90, ’97

Jennifer Tucker Clyde ’85 and R. Andrew Clyde ’85 and Murphy USA

Susan Smith Cooper ’62

Justin B. Cox ’08 and Molly Macatee Cox ’08

Harlan R. Crow and Katherine Raymond Crow ’94

Katherine E. Georgas and William J. Georgas

Bert A. Getz, Jr. ’89 and Susan Getz

Mark C. Griege ’81 and Peggy Griege

Barry M. Kitt and Beth M. Kitt

Cary M. Maguire Foundation

Michael T. McGuire ’05 and Natalie K. McGuire

Morris Foundation

Robert A. Wilson ’67 and Susan Cooper Wilson ’67 and The Robert A. and Susan C. Wilson Foundation

$100,000 – $999,999

Lawson C. Allen and Mary Lauren Allen

Katherine J. Bayne and Samuel G. Bayne, II

Lackland H. Bloom, III ’95, ’97

Jilene K. Boghetich ’76 and Tony Boghetich ’75

Angela K. Christopher and Gregory L. Christopher

Jeffrey B. Craig and Aisha Haque

Linda Pitts Custard ’60, ’99, and William A. Custard ’57

Elizabeth Darling and Terry Darling

Candise B. Dunleavy and Kevin B. Dunleavy, Sr.

Billie Ruth (B.R.) Holman ’67 and Denny R. Holman ’67

Nancy Ann Hunter Hunt ’65 and Ray L. Hunt ’65

Kristine S. Johnson and Scott A. Johnson ’86

Asifa Khan and Imran Khan ’11

Laura R. Lodwick and Peter A. Lodwick ’77, ’80

Bobby B. Lyle ’67

R. Jason McMahon ’96 and Sara Skone McMahon ’98

Heidi W. Perry and Timothy E. Perry

Ashley Eastham Pitts ’01

Winston R. Purifoy

Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation

Robert E. Richey

Jane L. Rimer and Kirk L. Rimer ’89

Leigh Ann Schomburg Ryan ’97 and Bob Ryan

Amanda E. Schumacher and Charles A. Schumacher ’79

Brian P. Sebold ’03

Kimberley Sheffield and Scott D. Sheffield

A. Wellford Tabor and Ann V. Tabor

$25,000 – $99,999


Lynn Alexander and Christopher E. Morris

Greg L. Armstrong and Melinda L. Armstrong

Rhys J. Best ’71 and Sue E. Best

Kristi L. Dallas and Terry R. Dallas

Deborah Estes and Steven M. Estes ’00

Judith W. Gibbs and James A. Gibbs

Heyco Energy Group

Forrest E. Hoglund and Sally R. Hoglund

Carrie McCune Katigan ’89 and Steven M. Katigan ’89, ’94

Frank A. McGrew, IV ’90 and Neely P. McGrew

Alice G. Nye and Erle A. Nye ’65

Cameron D. Sewell and Sandra M. Sewell

Catherine Susser and Sam L. Susser

James K. Wicklund ’76 and Kaari-Ana M. Wicklund

Less than $25,000

Anthony L. Abbattista and Elizabeth H. Abbattista

Christa A. Abraham and John J. Abraham ’94

Daniel Aguirre and Elizabeth Aguirre

Meredith R. Ajello and William E. Ajello ’19

Erin McCarthy Alexander ’78 and William B. Alexander

Candace P. Alley and Gerald B. Alley ’75

Marcia Armstrong

Greg R. Arnold and Rebecca J. Arnold

William Bancroft, Jr.

William T. Barbee ’75

Rob V. Barnes, III ’07

Diane Burgdorf Beckett ’82 and James Beckett, III ’71, ’73, ’75

E. Paul Bigham ’70, ’75 and Sandra J. Bigham

Cody K. Boghetich ’07, ’10 and Jessica North Boghetich ’08

David B. Boldrick ’70 and Susan Boldrick

Kristin M. Brice and Patrick R. Brice ’94

Mark Broussard ’91

Kristen Brown and S. Matthew Brown ’95

B. Tillman Burnett ’00 and Melissa Burnett

Alexander Carey and Elizabeth Carey

Ashley Hood Carey ’92 and Robert L. Carey, III ’90

A. Camille Carlsen ’20

James Carlsen

Maya G. Carlsen ’20, ’21

Jorge J. Castro ’98 and Ximena Castro

Manvinder S. Chopra ’98

Robert L. Cline ’02

John B. Colquitt, Jr. ’05

Joseph E. Consolino and Lisa S. Consolino

Gwendolyn F. Croce and James M. Croce ’79

Annie B. Crum ’02

Corbett A. De Giacomo ’18

Kathryn Donald and Ronnie W. Donald ’71

Daniel A. Doxey ’07 and Jennifer W. Doxey

Julie A. Eggers and William H. Eggers, Jr.

Farley Hooper Erikson ’90 and Steven B. Erikson

Anastacia Fell and Ryan Fell

Jennifer E. Fishburne

Casey J. Flanagan ’12 and Kelsey Adams Flanagan ’12

Kimberley D. Garton and Philip A. Garton ’84

Milkyas G. Gebreselassie ’05, ’10, ’17

Alan W. Gesalman ’84 and Anne Belli

James H. Graass, Sr. and Susan A. Graass

Gina Glenn Gregory ’90 and J. Scott Gregory ’90

Eric L. Gross ’95

Cheryl Marchus Hall ’73 and John A. Hall ’71, ’73, ’79

Josh N. Hall and Juli I. Hall

Christopher L. Hanna ’02

Jennifer L. Herring ’12, ’13

Michael H. Hites and Suzanne M. Hites

Leslie J. Howard ’82

Catherine B. Howell and William R. Howell, Sr.

Albert Hrubetz and Rose R. Hrubetz

Ruidi Huang

Mark E. Hubert and Patricia Treloar Hubert ’75

Cher Thomas Jacobs ’73 and David M. Jacobs

Lacey J. Jeffrey ’18

Gregory W. Kitt ’08

Richard C. Klein ’70

Kevin L. Knox and Tryna H. Knox ’12

Matthew T. Kruczek ’20, ’21

Gerard G. Lebar, Jr. ’20

Deborah L. Macedonia

Arturo Gomez and Jessica N. Martinez ’15, ’22

Donna J. Medeiros and Michael S. Medeiros

Michael J. Medveckus

Max P. Meggs ’06

Catherine M. Miller and Craig M. Miller

Ashley Gossey Mock ’94 and Darren Mock

Erika L. Bruce and Gary T. Moskowitz

Ryan R. Mossman and Sydni R. Mossman

Colin M. Moynahan ’12

Mary Ann P. Murray and Patrick M. Murray

John Q. Nguyen ’07

Jim C. Norton ’64

Joseph K. Omoworare

Connie Blass O’Neill ’77

Catherine Bram Orr ’92 and Mark F. Orr ’92

Mary Kay Prchal and Thomas P. Prchal

Kim A. Redburn ’99

John M. Santry ’02 and Marsha Santry

Barton Wade Schaller ’90 and Libby Alexander Schaller ’89

James A. Scott and Kristen Darcey Scott ’04

Joel W. Silverstein and Lisa Silverstein

Jenifer F. Smyth and John E. Smyth

Jay M. Staley ’13 and Margaret Staley

Melina F. Stefan

June A. Stoddard and Ross W. Stoddard, III ’72

Kathryn Surls and Lynn O. Surls ’67, ’72

Douglas F. Tinker ’90

Michael A. Trent ’06

Cameron A. Walts and Catherine Coates Walts ’99

J. Russell Weinberg ’90 and Sarah C. Weinberg

Geoffrey T. Werner ’07

Matthew B. White ’91 and Stacey R. White

James F. Yeager ’77 and Kelly Yeager





Future facilities

Click an image to enlarge.

Spaces to spark new ideas

  1. Aurelia C. and Brad K. Heppner Family Commons
  2. Crum Family Boulevard Auditorium
  3. Duda Family Business Library
  4. Bistro
  5. Beth and Barry Kitt Suite for the Kitt Investing and Trading Center
  6. Cary M. Maguire Foundation Suite for the Maguire Energy Institute
  7. Career Management Center Suite
  8. Crow Gallery
  9. Behavioral Science Laboratory Suite
  10. Distance Learning Laboratory Suite
  11. Reading Room
  12. Student Success (Testing) Center Suite
  13. Georges Auditorium
  14. Lower Level Wing
  15. Mezzanine Wing
  • A. Classroom
    • A1. Robert D. Rogers and Texas Industries Classroom
    • A2. Union Pacific Classroom
    • A3. Haggar Foundation Classroom
    • A4. Bank of America Classroom
    • A5. Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Classroom
    • A6. Bert A. Getz, Jr. and Globe Foundation Classroom
    • A7. Pat S. Bolin Classroom
  • B. Team Room
    • B1. Richey Family Team Room
    • B2. Bayne Family Team Room
    • B3. Johnson Family Team Room
    • B4. Allen Family Team Room
    • B5. Kahn Family Team Room
    • B6. Dallas Family Team Room

  1. Katy and Kyle Miller Courtyard
  2. Plaza
  3. EY Gallery
  4. Dean’s Suite
  5. Molly and Justin Cox Commons Overlook
  6. Gina and Tucker Bridwell Suite for the Bridwell Institute for Economic Freedom
  7. William S. Spears Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  8. McGuire Family Suite for BBA Admissions, Academic Advising and Records
  9. Rimer Family Suite for Alumni Relations and External Affairs
  10. Morris Foundation Suite for Graduate Student Services
  11. Graduate Student Lounge
  12. JPMorgan Chase Parlor
  13. Administrative offices
  14. North Wing (1st Level)
  15. South Wing (1st Level)
  • A. Classroom
    • A1. Luther King Capital Management Classroom
    • A2. Tabor Family Classroom
    • A3. Schumacher Family Classroom
  • B. Team Room
    • B1. Bolin and Howard Family Team Room
    • B2. Christopher Family Team Room
    • B3. Craig Family Team Room
    • B4. Holman Family Team Room
    • B5. Pitts Family Team Room
    • B6. Dunleavy Family Team Room
    • B7. Lodwick Family Team Room
    • B8. Ryan Family Team Room
    • B9. [Reserved] Team Room
    • B10. [Reserved] Team Room
  • C. Lobby
    • C1. Mark and Peggy Griege Lobby – Maguire Building
    • C2. Benners Family Lobby – Crow Building
    • C3. North Overlook Lobby
    • C4. South Overlook Lobby

  1. Brierley Institute for Customer Engagement Suite
  2. Don Jackson Center & Encap Investment & LCM Group Center
  3. Folsom Institute for Real Estate Suite
  4. Albert W. Niemi Center for Economic Growth and Leadership Development
  5. JCPenney Center for Retail Excellence Suite
  6. Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship
  7. Anonymous Faculty Lounge
  8. Clyde/Murphy USA Boardroom
  9. Seminar Room
  10. Hart Institute for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  11. North Wing (2nd Level)
  12. South Wing (2nd Level)
  • B. Team Room
  • C. Lobby
    • C1. North Lobby
    • C2. South Lobby
  • D. Conference Room – Boulevard View
    • D1. Linda P. and William A. Custard Conference Room
  • E. Conference Room – Courtyard View
    • E1 Perry Family Conference Room
    • E2. Bloom Family Conference Room
    • E3. [Reserved] Conference Room

  1. Cooper Terrace
  2. Graduate Admissions Suite
  3. East Wing (3rd Level)
  • C. Lobby
    • C1. Georgas Family Terrace Lobby
  • F. Conference Room –Terrace View