Enrich teaching and research

Goal: $600 million

This is our moment to join the highest rank of universities – to accelerate knowledge and tackle grand challenges.

SMU Ignited will invest in faculty pursuits that have substantial societal impact and address important challenges. With your support, we will move significantly toward the top research designation for U.S. universities, enrich teaching and enable students to benefit from enhanced classroom and laboratory experiences.

With your support for SMU Ignited, we will expand graduate and doctoral fellowships to encourage students to excel and develop into experts who are leaders in their fields.

SMU Ignited investments will expand endowed positions for both new and current faculty members and academic leaders to help us recruit and retain leading educators. Resources for research, travel and graduate assistants sustain faculty members’ groundbreaking research and dynamic instruction.

Your support of SMU Ignited will create interdisciplinary programs that address the needs of our rapidly changing world. These new programs will be built on our academic strengths, including library resources, new technologies and modernized facilities.

“Major changes occurring in higher education require that universities work creatively and collaboratively, because innovation lies at the intersection of different disciplines and backgrounds. Making sure we work at those intersections will create real opportunities for SMU.”

— Elizabeth G. Loboa, SMU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs