Building on excellence

Dr. R. Gerald TurnerFor more than 100 years, SMU has stood as an institution of national excellence and international renown, a University where the previously impossible becomes possible through daring research and courageous purpose. Our Mustang family – students, families, alumni, faculty, staff and supporters – has propelled us forward, fueling our goal of shaping world changers. You have galvanized us, enabling SMU to attract high-achieving students and innovative faculty, and to adapt to a changing landscape. SMU has sparked a transformation in North Texas, kindling it to become a more vibrant place by improving its business, culture and community. Energized by creative students, ambitious faculty research and partnerships with outside organizations, SMU has helped create a special place whose influence can be felt across the country and beyond. We are proud of what we have accomplished, and we expect the best is yet to come.

We have a vision for what’s next for our University, our city, our region and our world. We know that SMU, as the premier private university in North Texas, is making an impact far beyond what the University’s founders first imagined. On this website, you will read about our bold plan for the future and how we will build on our strengths to develop pioneering solutions to the world’s grand challenges by:

  • Empowering outstanding students.
  • Enriching teaching and research.
  • Enhancing campus and community.

With your support, we can continue doing what we do best: driving groundbreaking change through our students, faculty and partners.

Your support has brought us here, and you will usher us into our future. You are the author of what SMU has become. You have written greatness and you will chart our next path. We invite you to join us in this, our next bold adventure, and do what Mustangs always do: come together to seize opportunities to make the world a better place.