How to Accept/Decline Financial Aid

  1. Go to, Select Students, and enter your SMU ID and Password (same password as SMU email) and click “Login”
  2. Click the Financials section on the navigation and select Accept/Decline Awards.
  3. Select the Financial Aid year for which you wish to view awards. The most current Aid Year is selected by default.
  4. Choose the “New” tab to view offered aid.
  5. Within each award, select the action you wish to perform, Accept or Decline.
    1. You may Accept/Decline multiple awards at one time.
  6. Some awards may have the option to be reduced. If so, you will be allowed to edit the amount shown in the Accepted Amount box.
  7. To save the Accept/Decline actions, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

For instructions including screenshots - click here

If your award package includes a Federal Plus estimate or Private/Alternative Loan eligibility, please refer to the Loan Options page of the SMU website for more details.

For questions or concerns regarding accepting your financial aid, we are here for you. or call 214-768-3417