Data Science Services

Data ScienceThe Office of Information Technology’s Research Services team provides dedicated consultative and project resources for research and teaching involving data science tools and practices across disciplines.

The Research Services team is available to advise and collaborate with SMU faculty, staff, and students on choosing appropriate data, application of quantitative research methods, data analyses, and data visualization. SMU’s specialists support a wide array of technology tools including: Python, R/R Studio, Mathematica, and limited support for SPSS, SAS and Stata.

By partnering with faculty and students, our data scientists:

  • help faculty and students design experiments, wrangle data, and apply new technology methods to derive insights from their data
  • utilize expertise in machine learning, informatics, data exploration and visualization, databases and data management, and software engineering to advance research goals
  • build analytics solutions with SMU’s institutional data and support data-driven decision making by senior administrators
  • collaborate with faculty to help co-author publications describing methods and results

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