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AdminImages.SMU provides electronic document storage and retrieval system. Electronic documents can either be scanned in or captured in a variety of ways, and all documents are stored in a secure, encrypted database. Workflow capabilities and interaction with my.SMU makes this a powerful system as you make the transition from paper to electronic document management.

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Groups using AdminImages already can request permissions through the IT Help Desk. If you are new to AdminImages, please contact the IT Help Desk to request a consultation.

Current Browser Standards for AdminImages

Perceptive Experience is currently supported under the following desktop internet browsers:

  • Apple Safari OS X versions 13 and higher
  • Google Chrome versions 81 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge versions 42 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 75 and higher

If your browser is not one of those listed above, please use the Perceptive Content client, now available to all Faculty and Staff on Apps.SMU.