Meadows Tech Effect

TechEffect is the primary service destination for creative arts technology solutions at the Meadows School of the Arts. TechEffect will do whatever it takes to accommodate or accomplish your arts technology requests! While we can't always control the technology on campus, we can always get in touch and find answers from the people who do. Our solutions desks provide solutions that make technology more effective for arts education and instruction. TechEffect students are specifically recruited from throughout Meadows' and SMU's many different disciplines based upon their proficiency in the use of technology applicable to their areas of study,

Looking for artistic technology solutions in Meadows? Visit one of our solutions desks in Owen Arts Center or Umphrey Lee, call 214.768.2652, or email — let us know how we can continue to provide you with excellent service!

  • Need quick and easy access to video? With today's digital technology, video, long a mainstay of instructional media, can easily be incorporated into computer presentations, web pages, and multimedia. TechEffect can provide assistance with numerous aspects of video use and production. A variety of video capture devices are available from our TechEffect service desks for checkout. Custom training sessions on topics such as video production, editing, and digitizing can be scheduled!
  • Need quick and easy access to audio? Audio is another important instructional medium, from simple recordings to the narration, sound effects, and music of video and multimedia applications. TechEffect can assist with helping capture, manipulate, and edit your recordings using Apple's Garageband or the free Audacity recording software. A variety of audio recording microphones and recorders are available from our TechEffect service desks for checkout. Custom training sessions on such topics as producing soundtracks for presentations and multimedia programs can be scheduled!
  • Need help with digital imaging? TechEffect is available to assist with traditional digital photography consultation — and can provide basic orientations on topics involving taking pictures, scanning and digital imaging.
  • Need equipment? Meadows TechEffect desks provide a variety of video, audio and technology tools and accessories available for checkout to Meadows students, faculty, and staff (or anyone currently enrolled in a Meadows course). All equipment is circulated on a 3-day loan period. There are no charges for this service, though fines will be assessed for equipment turned in late. All patrons must present a valid SMU ID when checking out equipment. All TechEffect equipment is circulated on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.