Arts Entrepreneurship

Market Your Event at SMU and in DFW

SMU Meadows has a number of channels to help get the word out about student initiatives. Students are encouraged to use as many of these resources as they can! Many are "self-service" and require only a small amount of that time and effort. There are also a number of arts publications in the Dallas area that allow event submissions, as well as e-zines and blogs that are always looking for interesting stories. Read more

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Arts Entrepreneurship

Arts entrepreneurs create. While creating opportunities, jobs, culture, products and services, they help drive our economy. Meadows Arts Entrepreneurship students are taught to know and grow their audience and customer base and to serve heroically as they create. Whether used to create a for-profit business, a nonprofit or a "business of one," arts entrepreneurship techniques will increase artists’ chances of making a living in the arts.


The Division of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU seeks to equip its creative students with entrepreneurial skills to amplify their chances of creating sustainable income and to serve as the principal driving force of their own careers throughout their lives.

On their own, neither artistic nor entrepreneurial techniques are enough to sustain a career in the arts. But when both are developed simultaneously, students dramatically increase their chances of developing their professional opportunities and of consistently working through personally meaningful pursuits.

Arts Entrepreneurship Blog

Stay up to date on the latest trends, topics, and resources in arts entrepreneurship with our blog, curated by Jim Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU. Read the blog

FACE: First-Year Arts Community Experience

From year one, Meadows students are engaging in collaborative concepts, community learning and the Meadows Mindset. In the FACE (First-Year Arts Community Experience) class, artists at Meadows learn to work together and find common ground among different forms of artistry. The class also serves to develop the students’ network and build relationships that can last a lifetime. FACE is Ignite/Arts Dallas Director, Clyde Valentín and other from across the Meadows disciplines. Students also meet local and national professionals and gain real-world insight into what it means to be a working, collaborative artist.

Arts Entrepreneurship Resources

You can find articles, journals and other material relevant to the movement of arts entrepreneurship, in addition to a list of tools that arts entrepreneurs often find useful, on our website. Read more

Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU

The minor in arts entrepreneurship at the Meadows School of the Arts provides an overview of how to think entrepreneurially and how to develop and launch a new arts venture for either a for-profit or nonprofit enterprise. It includes course topics such as Developing an Arts Venture Plan and Attracting Capital: Donors, Investors, and Public Funds. Learn more about the minor

Student Web Presence Requirement

SMU Meadows students can view requirements, instructions, resources and more about building their online presence as an artist. This is a key starting point toward artists being able to market themselves and their art, and students are expected to participate throughout their time at SMU.