Meadows Technology

Bridging the gap between the dynamic array of Meadows artistic disciplines and the ever-expanding platforms of technology, the SMU Meadows School of Arts Technology Department provides unique services designed to help the Meadows community realize and explore the convergence of technology and creative arts. Meadows Technology works passionately to design and sustain the most positive user-centric technology experiences and capabilities of each arts community member. We support the instructional and research activities of Meadows' students and faculty by providing computer resources, digital media services, equipment checkout, and technical innovations.

Meadows Technology renders numerous services throughout the Meadows school, including but not limited to technical consultation, audio and video production, equipment checkout, tablet and mobile device configuration, custom personalized training, digitization and creation of course materials, and social media setup and guidance. The Engineering & Technology department also oversees the Meadows TechEffect student service locations.

We are eager for every opportunity to serve every Meadows community member and learn how we can best champion or provide for the technology vision of the Meadows School of the Arts.

Departmental Contacts

General inquiries:

TechEffect Main Office
Owen Arts Center 1144

Social Media
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