The Meadows Experience


Where Are They Now?

Find out what Meadows alumni are doing now.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Learn about Meadows students collaborating with other colleges at SMU!

Behind The Scenes

Find out how Meadows students and faculty create great art!

New Year's Resolutions

See what students are looking forward to in the Spring semester of 2024

Meadows Community

Learn about the student, university and DFW organizations that help build community at SMU Meadows.

Meadows Multi-Majors

The majority of Meadows students are majoring in two or more disciplines, read more about how students balance fine arts, business, engineering and more!

New At Meadows

Join us in welcoming 19 new faculty members to Meadows, in divisions ranging from art and theatre to journalism and film, and learn more about these new members of our community.

Meadows Summer Experiences

From school-sponsored international programs to one-of-a-kind work opportunities, Meadows students and faculty made the most of their 2023 summers. Discover more of the exciting things our Mustangs got up to this summer on our Meadows Summer Experiences page.