Interdisciplinary Studies

At Meadows, we want you to be broadly educated. We believe it will make you a better artist, a better thinker and a more creative person who can add value to any endeavor. 

Part of your task during college is to understand how people in different disciplines think.

Note that word: “discipline.” 

The departments in Meadows represent different academic disciplines (or modes of thinking): they each look at the world in specific ways, ask different questions and have different rules for what constitutes good work in each field. Part of your task in the next four years is to understand how people in different disciplines think.  Discipline is required for success, but it is also a way to limit how you think. You must discipline your mind, but also remain open, so I encourage you to take courses outside of your home discipline and to think about how a double major or one of our new interdisciplinary majors or minors might benefit your career, your thinking, or your artistry. These will be outside your major, and they may not even "count" for anything beyond the credit, but that is the point. Art is the profession of openness.

Be interdisciplinary. 

Meadows offers interdisciplinary courses that are open to any student in Meadows, from any major and without any prerequisites.