International Opportunities

In order to change the world, you need to experience it, know more about it. At Meadows, we want you to get outside of your comfort zone and learn more about cultures you’re unfamiliar with. Choose from these SMU study abroad programs specifically for Meadows majors or find a place that is not on our list. In the last few years, our students have been all over the planet, including:

  • Athens, Greece
  • Beijing, China
  • SMU-in-Cairo
  • SMU-in-Germany
  • SMU-in-India
  • SMU-in-Italy
  • Kraków, Poland
  • Lyons, France
  • SMU-in-London
  • SMU-in-Oaxaca
  • SMU-in-Oxford
  • SMU-in-Paris
  • SMU-in-South Africa
  • SMU-in-Spain

Click here for more information on international programs available to SMU students.