The Meadows School educates visionary artists, scholars and arts and communications professionals prepared to create sustainable and transformative impact on both local and global society.


  • Advancing excellence in education, scholarship, and artistic expression
  • Fostering understanding of aesthetic, social, political and cultural traditions
  • Cultivating ideas, creativity, craft, interpretation and leadership
  • Exploring convergence and divergence in the communication, performing and visual arts
  • Building intellectual and civic communities within, across and beyond the university’s walls
  • Promoting responsible stewardship of resources


  • Recruit and retain top artists, professionals and scholars.
  • Offer innovative undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Deliver personalized, active learning.
  • Cultivate a broad definition and understanding of success.
  • Promote social responsibility and entrepreneurship.
  • Offer students international and intercultural opportunities.
  • Create a climate that encourages and values diversity.
  • Build an environment that encourages responsibility, collaboration, creativity and depth.
  • Align resources to support mission, values and goals